Latest News – June 11

Local Broadband Group to Attend Regional Conference

June 11 – Broadband.  It’s a word you’ll be hearing more and more of as  reliance on digital technology to conduct business, travel and to communicate in general, becomes more prevalent. But it’s  impact on rural mountain communities like  Leadville is much more complicated.

In fact, some compare Broadband to what electricity meant to communities back in the mid-1800s, when everyone’s life changed with the invention of illumination.  Could it be THAT important?

Consider all of the technologies that we’ve come to depend on for day-to-day living both personal and business-related . Cell Phones – check. Internet – check. Running credit cards for business purchases – check. Downloading movies – check.  School work – check. Medical procedures and reports – check. The list seems endless. Slowly, small rural communities like Leadville have become increasing dependent on Broadband.

Well, there’s enough of a concern, that a small group of local residents and business people have formed a group to gather Broadband data: Lake County Connect.  What is available to us locally? Will there be enough Broadband to meet future needs?  How do we tap into the “backbone” of fiber optic cable that’s buried down the center of Harrison Avenue? What are neighboring rural communities doing concerning Broadband? 

A website has been developed to start to answer these questions and also exchange information as Lake County Connect gathers data from the local community.

Peak your interest? The next meeting is scheduled for this Friday, June 15 at CMC’s Climax Molybdenum  Leadership Center, Rm 403 at 10 a.m. The public is encouraged to attend. 


Today, June 11 there will be a development conference entitled Mountain Connect, 2012 Rural Broadband in Breckenridge. Members from Lake County Connect will be attending, including Leadville An update will follow.

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