Latest News – June 22

Rolling Film and Top-Secret Spyders on the Open Road

June 22 – The road out to the Fish Hatchery. You know, the one that goes by the Cavalli Ranch and Edith’s house. That’s how most locals would describe it. But early Wednesday morning, Highway 300 became known as the set for a commercial.

Quiet On The Set! Mojo Productions was in the area for a few days shooting a commercial with one of their clients top-secret 2013 Spyder models.

MoJo Productions out of Portland, OR set up camp in Leadville and Lake County for a week days earlier this week, to shoot a commercial for one of its clients: Bombardier Recreational Products. And to be more specific, the ad featured the top-secret 2013 Can-Am Spyder. That will help explain the slightly off-set photography accompanying this story, as the “product” could not be shot.

But what was in clear focus was the economic benefit to the local community. Not only will it be nice to see Lake County’s natural beauty featured in a national (possibly international) commercial, but this crew of 50 also spent money on hotels, food and “what-not” during their three-day stay.

So why in Lake County?

“It’s hard to beat the beauty of the landscape here,” said Rian Moore one of the Producers with Mojo. “We had location scouts who know Colorado very well, check out this area,” added Moore. “They know the roads that are conducive to shooting running footage, which is what we’re doing a lot of here. You have good quality roads with good quality scenery.”

The road out to the Fish Hatchery or “Set Three” as it was known during a recent commercial shoot on Highway 300.

Of course, the lack of local traffic at 7 a.m. on the road out to the Fish Hatchery, probably didn’t hurt either. The commercial’s concept had a Spyder stopped for construction traffic, waiting for the go-ahead from the flagman.  Be sure to look closely at some of those construction-guy extras in the scene. They are the same crew from Lake County Road and Bridge who make those roads look so.

So when will the commercial air? Next March. So keep an eye out next spring for majestic Mt. Massive looming over the 2013 Spyder – by then, it’ll be hard to keep either a secret!

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