Latest News – July 6

Leadville Fire Chief Dan Daily & crew hosted the Annual Fire House BBQ on 4th of July

The Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad (LCSR) is back on track! Visitors can now take a ride on the breath-taking rail journey across the Arkansas River Valley, up to the Continental Divide.

After a brief delay in their summer schedule due to the Treasure Wildfire, the train has resumed its regular, daily schedule of two daily trips at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The railroad company has also incorporated an added safety measure with a high rail fire patrol truck, which will lead and follow the train during its trek up the Arkansas Valley. It’s also important to note that the rail track was completely unaffected by the fire which started June 23.

“Passengers will notice a swath of burned area in the Birdseye curve,” said Kirstin Ayers, Director of Sales/Marketing. The recent fire will now become part of the narrative that tour riders experience during the 2 ½ hour train trip.

The Treasure Fire is still under investigation by the US Forest Service and remains “inconclusive,” according to Leadville Ranger Jon Morrissey. However initial reports indicate that the wildfire was human caused (i.e., not caused by an act of nature, like lightning).

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