Latest News – July 9

Highway 24 between Leadville and Minturn is Limited

July 9 @ Noon – Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has reported that Hwy 24 between Leadville and Minturn has limited access due to a road issue related to all the rain we’ve had. At Mile Marker 165 – in the “S” curve after Ski Cooper (headed towards Minturn) there’s a washout resulting in crews alternating traffic through one lane. One witness said that the old train tunnel underneath the highway collapsed and has created a sink hole. CDOT reported that they have crews on scene to determine the extent of the damage. Motorists are being asked to re-route on Hwy 91 and Vail Pass if you have to head that way or if you know someone who travels back over that road to check road conditions before heading home! Stay Safe out there!

Vacation Bible School is Underway – Join  Today!

All kids ages 5 – 13 years are invited to participate in the Vacation Bible School presented by the Holy Family Parish. The summer program runs through July 22 and is held from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall at Annunciation Church. There will be food, activities, Story Telling & Sharing, games, songs, and lots of fun. Lunch will be provided. There is no charge. Contact Reyna or Kathy at 719-486-1382.

Library Program Helps Patrons with Technology

Make friends with technology tonight at the Technology Petting Zoo!

Tonight from 6 to 8 p.m., the Lake County Public Library is having a Technology Petting Zoo.

If you’ve never seen an iPad or want to compare the Sony eBook to the Kindle, come to the Zoo. No matter how dangerous you think it would be to lay hands on these new gadgets, a Tech Zoo Keeper will be on hand to protect you. Nothing bites or produces allergies–we promise! Come and explore a few of today’s most popular devices. Explore and expand your technical literacy horizons. Bring whatever questions you have! 

“WHY” Documentary to Play in Opera House

Cyclist Rebecca Rusch to Present Film, Raise Funds

July 2 – If you haven’t heard the buzz by now, there’s a film – WHY – that successfully attempts to answer the age-old question about what motivates the top athletes. On Friday-the-13th (of July) at 1:30 p.m., fans will get to experience this film in the one-of-a-kind Tabor Opera House in downtown Leadville. And if that’s not enough to bring you in the doors, Rebecca Rusch, 3x Women’s Leadville 100 champion who is featured in the film, will also be at the event to discuss her WHY. All that for a mere $10! And the money goes to local causes.

WHY is a short documentary by Corey Rich one of today’s most recognized adventure and outdoor filmmakers. Shot in just 3 days, WHY tells the story of three professional athletes: Kayaker Dane Jackson, Rock climber Alex Honnond and Pro-cyclist Rebecca Rusch. The movie is filmed against the backdrop of three geographically unique settings: a lush Mexican waterfall, the steeps cliffs at Joshua Tree National Park in California and the unique desert silhouettes of Moab, Utah. WHY is a film that brings athletes together – from the pros to the joes. The stories and scenery are as unique as they athletes themselves.

While the featured film is nearly as short in length as its title, the accompanying “How of WHY” rounds out the interesting tale of how it all came together: athletes, filmmaker and schedules, presenting the unique conditions under which the documentary was made.

Rebecca Rusch will make a special appearance at the opera house during the showing to discuss her involvement in the film – and what drives her WHY.

“I love showing this film to anyone and everyone because it directly exposes WHY we do what we do, the choices we make, how we want to live our lives and what inspires us,” say Rusch. “It’s a relevant question for anyone to answer for themselves. WHY?” The show promises to be inspiring, leaving viewers and racers to discover their own WHY.

The event will be presented in Leadville’s Tabor Opera House as a fundraiser for the iconic gem’s restoration project, as well as youth scholarships for Lake County Recreation programs and the local high school’s cycling club – The Pbville Pedalers.

Pbville Pedalers: L-R Charlie Koch, Lara Lufkin, Tori Stamps, Stephanie Colton. Not pictured: Grant Gipson, Darian Sandoval, Aarika Johnson, Kendra Brecka.

“Our goal for the Pbville Pedalers,” says Coach Stacy Kelly, “is to provide an opportunity for Lake County High School students to engage with their team, their community and the outdoors in a manner that will provide them with a strong sense of self, a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the incredibly fun sport of mountain biking.”

So to the racers who are in town, come get inspired. Locals, play hookie and take in an afternoon matinee at the Tabor. The 1:30 p.m. early matinee will be $10 at-the-door, General Admission, all ages. We’re keeping it simple: cash only, tickets sold the day of the event, starting at 10 a.m. at the Tabor Opera House, 815 Harrison Avenue.

This program is sponsored by and the Cloud City Wheelers; and produced by The Great Pumpkin: A Press, Promotions and Public Relations company located in Leadville, Colo.

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