Latest News – July 10

One Lane Open: Highway 24

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) crews repaired enough of the sinkhole on US Highway 24 that one lane of alternating traffic was re-opened last evening.  The road was completely closed yesterday afternoon after a sinkhole opened up along the road early Monday morning as a result of heavy rain in the area.  CDOT  dispatched crews to the location to access the extent of the damage and made the necessary repairs to partially open the commuter throughfare before this morning’s rush hour.

Here’s another view of the sinkhole, looking down. Photo courtesy of CDOT.

Highway 24 was closed yesterday from Leadville to Red Cliff due to a sinkhole. 

A sinkhole was created along Highway 24 north of Leadville

Maintenance Work Scheduled on Vail Pass Today through Thursday

And to add another headache to the commute, today through Thursday,   CDOT will perform minor highway maintenance work on eastbound I-70 at Vail Pass from mile marker (MM) 181 to MM 184. Pack some patience!

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