Latest News – July 16

Broadband Group Hosts Special Guest This Morning

Lake County Connect will be meeting this morning at 10 a.m. at CMC’s Climax Molybdenum Leadership Center, Rm 403. Today’s meeting will include special guest Dan Turak, VP of Sales for ViaSat, who will discuss satellite technology and its availability in Lake County. Anyone who is in need of better internet connection should join the group.

Consider all of the technologies that we’ve come to depend on for day-to-day living both personal and business-related . Cell Phones – check. Internet – check. Running credit cards for business purchases – check. Downloading movies – check.  School work – check. Medical procedures and reports – check. The list seems endless. Slowly, small rural communities like Leadville have become increasing dependent on Broadband.

In fact, some compare Broadband to what electricity meant to communities back in the mid-1800s, when everyone’s life changed with the invention of illumination.  Could it be THAT important?

Well, there’s enough of a concern that a group of local residents and business people have formed a group to gather data concerning Broadband: Lake County Connect. What is available to us? Will there be enough Broadband to meet future needs?  How do we tap into the “backbone” of fiber optic cable that’s buried down the center of Harrison Avenue? What are neighboring rural communities doing concerning Broadband? And how is local service affected during high tourism times when additional smart phone, ipad and cell phone users are pulling from the same source?

Peak your interest? Lake County Connect meets regularly to continue to investigate this topic. If you’re not able to attend today’s meeting, please keep informed by visiting the groups’ website:

Xcel Energy Addresses Power Outages

Xcel Energy supplies electrical power to most Lake County residents and businesses, so when recent – consistent – outages had Xcel’s phone lines lighting up, the message couldn’t have been clearer from frustrated local residents and business, especially those on the west side of town. This story was first published on on July 12 .

Since that date, Xcel has responded to the concerns and complaints they received. Here is Xcel Energy’s report:

We wanted to provide an update on the power outages that have been affecting customers in the southwest part of Leadville for several weeks; this information was provided to other media outlets Thursday. Customers in this area have experienced nine outages since May 1 (there are no other records of outages on this section dating back to Jan. 1); these outages lasted from eight minutes to four and a half hours (detailed below). By all rights our customers had a right to be concerned, and for the outages, we do apologize and have taken steps this week that we hope will resolve the situation. During and following the most recent outage at about 11:15 a.m.

Wednesday, July 11, we sent several crews into the area to observe the operation of this distribution line. We found several issues that we repaired, including “galloping” conductor (wires slapping together due to winds) and a lose guy wire (tension cables to the ground that add stability to our poles and equipment). We believe that our efforts on Wednesday will solve the issue of repeated outages, but we intend to monitor the situation closely to ensure that this is so. As you will see from below, we thought we had initially determined the problem on June 17, when we discovered a broken insulator on one of our poles. Also, 487 customers are served by the portion of the line where these repeated outages occurred.

A list of the outages follows here.

  • July 11 – 11:19a – Galloping conductors/loose guy wire led to an outage of two hours, 46 minutes.
  • July 10 – 10:50a – Overload of line led to an outage of four hours, 35 minutes.
  • July 8 – 3:48p – Unknown cause led to an outage of two hours, 12 minutes.
  • July 7 – 3:34a – Line taken out of service at request of local fire department due to structure fire elsewhere, led to an outage of 22 minutes.
  • June 27 – 11:39a – Unknown cause led to an outage of one hour, 12 minutes. Later indication is that the outage was caused by a lightning strike.
  • June 26 – 12:36p – Unknown cause led to an outage of nine minutes.
  • June 17 – 10:27a – Broken insulator glass led to an outage of one hour, 45 minutes.
  • May 26 – 5:08p – A relay failure led to an outage of 12 minutes. This was related to a disturbance on the transmission grid, related to bad weather elsewhere.
  • May 1 – 12:19a – A relay failure led to an outage of eight minutes. This was related to a disturbance on the transmission grid, related to bad weather elsewhere.

Unknown causes and overloads may all be related to the same issue, but we could not determine the cause at the time. Obviously one outage was intentional due to the house fire, two were most likely related a disturbance on the grid (and possibly weather), one was later identified as a lightning strike, and others were equipment issues (galloping conductor and broken insulator).

Film, Pro-Cyclist Raise Monies for Local Groups

WHY. What started out as a question, soon became a statement – the reason – explained film director Corey Rich about one of his latest creations: WHY. This short film – which featured three elite athletes and the reasons they do what they do – has shown before of an audience of 100 last Friday, July 13 at the Tabor Opera House. The fundraiser benefited the Pbville Pedalers (LCHS Cycling Team), youth scholarships for Lake County Recreation, and the opera house; the event successfully raised $310 for each of these 3 groups.

Pro-cyclist Rebecca Rusch addresses the audience during Friday’s WHY fundraiser at the Tabor Opera House

One of the film’s featured athletes – and 3x Leadville 100 women’s Champion – Rebecca Rusch also made a special appearance for the fundraiser. “I love showing this film to anyone and everyone because it directly exposes WHY we do what we do, the choices we make, how we want to live our lives and what inspires us,” say Rusch. “It’s a relevant question for anyone to answer for themselves. WHY?” The show left viewers – locals and racers – inspired to discover their own WHY.

The fundraiser was sponsored by, The Great Pumpkin: A Press, Promotions and Public Relations company growing in Leadville since 1990, and the Cloud City Wheelers, Lake County’s cycling club.

The Queen of Pain, Rebecca Rusch (center) and the Pbville Pedalers (L to R): Darian, Stephanie, Erica and Kendra.

Pedalers Keep ‘Em Spinning with Success!

The Pbville Pedalers have been racking up some great victories during the summer season.

Pedalers Succeed at Vail Mountain: (L to R): Charlie Koch, Cain Gipson, Grant Gipson, Darian Sandoval.

Local racers Charlie Koch, Cain Gipson, Grant Gipson and Darian Sandoval raced on Vail Mountain Wednesday, July 11 in the Vail Grind. Cain won 1st place in juniors. In men’s beginners Charlie finished 2nd, Grant 3rd and Darian 13th.The Pbville Pedalers race for Lake County High School and will officially begin their race season with the school year in late August.

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