Latest News – July 24

Penguins Invade Community Park!

Penguins capture the season of winter at the Community Park mural.

The Leadville Arts Coalition is putting another creative face on the restroom bldg at the Community Park.  Project Directors Amanda Good and Erin Farrow have hosted an after school art class for Lake County High School and Middle School students during the past school year.  Students designed and produced the custom tiles
that have been adhered to the south wall. 

This is the second custom tile mural installation on this building and is being funded by monies from the Climax Community Grant and the 21st Century Fund.  The plan is to “wrap” the building in murals depicting the four seasons: this year it’s a winter scene – with penguins! Brrrr! It’s like a nice cool breeze in July. Great job!

Local students helped to design and make the custom ceramic tiles used in the latest “seasonal” mural. Brrr!

Create Your Own: Fire On The Mountain

If that last story inspired you to create your own custom pottery, then Fire on the Mountain is the place to go. Located in downtown Leadville at 715 Harrison Avenue, this paint-your-own-pottery studio and yarn shop has locals and visitors alike creating their own custom designs for fun and as gifts. Fire on the Mountain is a pottery painting place where you pick out unpainted pottery, paint it, and then let them finish it in the kiln.

The selection of pottery includes monster trucks, piggy banks, ice cream cone boxes, wine goblets, and much more. So why not cross that hard-to-buy-for person off your list now and create something unique!  

Paint your own pottery – like this whimsical tree!

And if you’re visiting Leadville,  owner Christine Street makes it easy to ship home your creation once it’s been fired it in the kiln. While the complete process of firing your ceramic creation may take a day or two, Street offers UPS shipping if you can’t come back to pick it up.

So when the afternoon rains come on – and they usually do – Fire on the Mountain is the great place to duck in out of the elements and make a masterpiece that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Fire On The Mountain also offers drop-in art classes, knitting instruction, and summer camps for kids! The shop is open from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and also houses a specialty yarn shop: Leadville Yarn & Fiber Company. This local business features hand painted yarns and fiber from Leadville, Colorado, patterns, needles and other knitting and fiber supplies.

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