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Lake County’s Newest Adventure: Zip Line Tours!

Leadville is no stranger to adventure sports. Whether it’s extreme mountain biking, climbing the highest 14ers in the state or ski joring, residents and visitors alike lean towards adrenaline-inducing activities. And now, with the opening of the Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tours, flying through the air at speeds ranging from 35-45 m.p.h., hundreds of feet off the ground on a wire, can be added to the list.  Officially open today, the Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tours (TRZLT) is the latest addition to extreme outdoor recreation in Lake County.

From the owner of White Mountain Snowmobile Tours, comes the next most exciting high-altitude adventure: Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tours. Located approximately 6 miles north of Leadville off of Highway 91 (formerly referred to as Cecilville), the attraction will feature the latest technology including double cables for safety, faster zips with the latest hands free “zip stop” technology and several long runs traveling 400 to 850 feet. The first take-off platform is at 11,000 feet of altitude and the entire course is all above 10,000 feet. Flyers will step off the platform and glide effortlessly into the adventure of a lifetime.

“We’re excited,” says Judy Gilman, General Manager of Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tour. “This is an awesome new tourism addition for the area and we’re hoping to bring more tourists who will be staying in Leadville.” 

Photo Courtesy of Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tour.

The company’s private 2,000 acre property includes more than fifty old patented gold mines including the Golden Treasure, the Colorado Belle Placer, the General Grant and the Emerald Mine. Their trained and certified guides are well informed about the history of mining in this area and will point out several gold mine shafts as flyers soar from platform to platform.

The property supports abundant wildlife including herds of elk and deer, which might be viewed as they shuttle up more than 1,000 vertical feet from base camp to the take-off spot at a cozy Yurt. Guests can enjoy the spectacular view from the deck before take-off. From there, flyers will soar over Big English Creek, vast canyons, waterfalls, alpine meadows covered in wild flowers, groves of elegant aspens and pine forests. With the high altitude in mind, designers have laid out the course with no long hikes, making sure that brief walks are all downhill.

Photo Courtesy of Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tour.

From the beginning of the adventure, flyers easily step on to flat wooden decks made from trees removed along the course. TRZLT’s main focus in the construction of the course was to preserve the unspoiled natural beauty of the area, and to remove only the trees necessary for safe travel along the course. Carpenters peeled bark from these trees, cut and shaped the boards, building and decorating the platforms with handcrafted railings which perfectly blend with the terrain.

The Prospector zip line tour includes 5 double zip lines, allowing guests to fly side by side with friends or family, along lines from 450 to 850 feet in length. All lines have double cables for safety. And flyers will also have the opportunity to wave to the passengers on the historic Leadville, Colorado and Southern Railroad, as the train winds its way to and from the old mining town of Leadville, the highest incorporated city in America.

Daily tour times are on the half hour, starting at 9:30 a.m. with the last tour at 3:30 p.m. Price is $125.00 for adult and $100.00 for children aged 7 – 12. Top of the Rockies Zip Line can accommodate groups of any size, from family reunions to weddings to corporate functions or anyone looking for a unique and thrilling high mountain experience. So, come on, fly high like an eagle in the shadow of the Continental Divide on Lake County’s newest adventure: Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tours. Call 800-247-7238 or 970-668-5323 for information or visit their website:

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