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Boom Days Parade Marches On and On and On . .

Did you know that Leadville has been unofficially dubbed as Parade Capital, USA? It’s true! And why not? Seems like folks in these parts like to gather together and march down historic Harrison Avenue for just about every holiday and then some!

There’s the St. Patrick’s Day Parade – done twice here: once on the official holiday and then a Practice Parade, coming right around the corner on the 3rd Saturday in September. We have the Parade of Lights, the Little League Parade, the Fourth of July (of course) and we’re also adding another one this month for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge race on August 23 (more on that later). The Leadville Parade list goes on and on!

But the biggest and arguably best one is the Boom Days Parade!  And for as long as anyone can remember Rhonda Huggins has been the Boom Days Committee Member who puts the whole thing together. There was a lot of chatter about whether this year’s was the biggest?

“No,” said Huggins. “There was that one year when all those Shriners came and people were leaving before it was over, because it was so long!”

This year, after Huggins beautifully sang the National Anthem like she does every year, the 2012 Boom Days Parade got underway. There were lots of great parade entries and the competition was fierce. “I get different judges every year,” explained Huggins. “And I AM NOT a judge!” Sometimes they are locals and sometimes they are visitors, you just never know. Regardless, here are the judge’s results:

Parade Theme (The Unsinkable Molly Brown & Titanic) Trophy: The Shack Club

Silver King (Boom Days/Leadville history theme) Trophy: Leadville Old West Gunfighters

The Leadville Old West Gunfighter’s took the Silver King Trophy. Let’s hope they recover in time to come back next year!

Judge’s Choice: Lake County Public Library Reading Program

The Lake County Public Library Summer Reading Program soared to new heights in literacy and the Judge’s Choice Award for the Boom Days Parade!

Organizational Group Category:

  1. Red Hat Ladies (Thanks to George Benson’s Titanic re-enactment and oar beating 😉
  2. Tabor Opera House featuring Musical Marke singers and actors
  3. Community Church of Leadville – always a big group  with great costumes!

Commercial Category:

  1. Morning Star Learning Center
  2. Quincy’s Steak House
  3. Leadville’ National Fish Hatchery

    The Morning Star Learning Center Kids are always ready to set sail for adventure! They won First Place in the Commercial Parade Category. Looking Good, Kiddos!

School Registration Underway in Lake County

Boom Days Teen Events Succeed in Friends & Fun

More than 80 teens attended the Boom Days Teen Event held the Saturday afternoon/night of Boom Days Weekend, said Coordinator Erin Allaman.  The event provided a safe, chaperoned evening of carnival games, face-painting, DJ music and a movie!

All teens were invited to a drug and alcohol-free place to be during Leadville’s premiere festival that can sometimes be touted as a “party” time for young adults. Special thanks to local businesses and citizens who contributed a total of $1,100 to help make it happen. Hopefully programs like these will become part of the overall framework, providing local youth with family-friendly activities and fun!

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