Latest News – August 30

I Want to Be in an All-Girl Band!

The Bangles, The Go-Gos, and now . . . Red Bandana!
C’mon, what red-blooded American girl hasn’t dreamed of hitting the open road in an all-girl rock band?! This 4 piece group of 12 & 13 year olds is an astounding, all girl, pop/rock band out of Salida and they are still in Middle School!
It might be easy for some older folks to dismiss them, but these girls are for real! They write great songs, sing four part harmonies, play their instruments with the virtuosity of musicians twice their age and have amazing stage presence.

Red Bandana will perform this Saturday at the Tabor Opera House @ 7:30 p.m.

And with a tagline like: We’re Young! We’re Girls! We Rock! – who wouldn’t want to catch this show?!  A few of the girls’ highlights this year included; the Carbondale Mountain Fair, the Crestone Music Festival, the Salida SteamPlant and they were the only local act selected to play FIBArk.

Red Bandana just headlined the South Main Beach Concert Series in Buena Vista on August 25.

Fresh faces! Fresh tunes! Red Bandana will do an educational performance tomorrow – Friday – at West Park Elementary.

Red Bandana is such an inspiration to young people, they have been invited to do educational performances all around the state and will be playing at West Park Elementary tomorrow Friday, August 31.

The girls will then headline a special, all ages concert at the historic Tabor Opera House on Saturday, September 1 @ 7:30 p.m. This local public performance will also include a special opening act featuring Leadville teen sensation/singer: Solstice Jensen.  Yay!

Tickets for the Tabor are only $1 for kids under 18 and $5 for adults (this is way less than a tour of the venue)!  This performance is also the last of the summer concert season for the opera house, so come on out and send the season off with a bang . . and a Red Bandana!

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