Latest News – September 9

Airport Takes Off In Flight  . .  & Flapjacks

The Leadville/Lake County Airport will host its 4th Annual Pancake Breakfast Fly-In/Drive-In, this year in their new building. On Saturday, September 29 from 7 – 11 a.m. the airport staff as well as many others from the Lake County Public Works Department will be serving up a hearty breakfast for $6/per person.

So there’s a bit of good news/bad news to this story if you were one of the lucky ones who attended last year’s pancake breakfast. The good news is that there have been so many incredible changes and upgrades to the airport since last year that just going up there will make you swell with local pride. The new building which will house the Snow Removal Equipment (SRE Bldg), the freshly paved and painted runway, the new airport office, all of these improvements give the visitor a clear sense of the direction Lake County is going: UP!

So what could possibly be the bad news? Well, last year thanks to a huge commitment from an engineering company, many area pilots and local staff, those who attended the pancake breakfast were also treated to much more than flapjacks. In fact, over 90 local kids got a FREE airplane ride over their hometown and fall colors.

It was certainly one of those WOW moments and it wasn’t really publicized or covered in the local press, so the crowds were manageable. Those true aviation lovers – many of them kids – who happened to be there that glorious day last September, got the ride of a lifetime. But times and budgets are always shifting, so be advised that this year’s pancake breakfast won’t be providing that same kind of high-flyin’ fun.

But if you love airplanes and airports, or if you haven’t been up to the Leadville-Lake County Airport in a while, you won’t be disappointed. There will be plenty of aircrafts “flying-In” for the breakfast, most of which you could get a look at up close – something, it seems, young people don’t get too much opportunity to do in the post-911 world we live in. So mark the calendar for the end of the month and Leadville Today will give you another “gate call”  as the date draws nearer. 

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