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September’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Leadville

The Queen City Pipe Band was in Leadville yesterday for September’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Golden Aspens. Blue skies. Green shamrocks. Photo: Ann Peniston

“Good” Leadville Artist to Meet

The Leadville Arts Coalition proudly presents Meet the Artist, featuring local artist Amanda Good.  The show opens at Showdown Bistro, 714 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, on Wednesday, September 19 from 5-8 PM.  Enjoy appetizers, beverages and friendly conversation celebrating Good’s artwork.

Morning Ski by Amanda Good

The show features ten to twelve oil paintings that Good has created. Expect to see stunning mountains, and people enjoying the outdoors: skiers, hikers and bikers.  As Good says, “My art includes mountainscapes that explore the use of color through the natural light that is ever-present around us. I strive to bring natural beauty, moments, and landscapes onto a canvas for people to enjoy and connect to on their own terms.”    

Leadville Artist Amanda Good

A Steamboat, Colorado native, Amanda moved to Leadville about ten years ago, and has felt at home ever since. Good spent a semester at CMC Timberline’s Outdoor Semester in the Rockies that helped cement her love for the outdoors and the Leadville area.     

Seasonal jobs including 10th Mountain Hut summer maintenance and Vail Powder Guides snow cat skiing, keep Good busy, but also give her time to focus on her art.  As she says, “There are many aspects of Leadville that I am drawn to: the access to the backcountry, the small town, and the support I continue to receive here from my friends as well as the community.”

From the large mural gracing the Melanzana building to the new mural inside Showdown Bistro, Good’s artistic contributions to Lake County abound. Her indoor mural venues include Cycles of Life, and recently City on the Hill has commissioned her artwork for their coffee bags.

With the support of the Leadville Arts Coalition and a Climax grant, Good, LCHS art teacher Erin Farrow, and Ann Stanek have worked with LCHS and LCMS students creating the ceramic tiles on the Community Field building.  In July the students completed the second project wall, featuring playful winter penguins. Next year the team plans to work with students and complete a third wall.

Volunteers help create Penguin Power! Thanks to a project by Amanda Good, LCHS art teacher Erin Farrow, and Ann Stanek, who worked with LCHS and LCMS students creating the ceramic tiles on the Community Field building.

This combination of education and public art blends perfectly with Good’s interests in the community and youth. She has worked with re-painting of the Kiddie Korral wall, as well as helping with mural projects through West Park Elementary, LCMS and Full Circle.

When asked what has influenced her artistic style, Good reflected, “Mostly, my time in the outdoors has shaped my style.  To me, there are moments that occur in our natural world that can often seem surreal or even magical.  I strive to capture that on a canvas.” 

Good’s work will be displayed at Showdown Bistro through October for those who cannot enjoy the Meet the Artist show. Originals and prints will be on sale and available to the public.





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