Latest News – September 18

A new Obituary has been posted

Yesterday brought some light snow to the area, including Tennessee Pass and Ski Cooper. However the extended forecast has warmer temps and bright blue skies.

Blaze The Belt 2012: More Riders, Great Prizes!

The Fifth Annual Blaze The Belt was held on Sept. 15 in Leadville. This annual longboarding competition is a time trial event held on the Mineral Belt Trail. While the main competition involves longboards, there were alternate class divisions which included a short board, luge, rollerblades, and a bicycle class.

The race saw bright blue skies with aspens and boards a blazin! This year’s competition saw a 30% increase in registration with 60 riders participating.

Job Crisostomo won the Men’s Longboard division. Job’s average speed for the winning run was 22.6 mph. Leadville’s Melissa Ponce de Leon won the Women’s Longboard division. Joseph Ponce de Leon won the Short Board division. Patrick Black-Dale won the Bike division. Slim Tim won the Luge division. Mario won the Slide Competition. Alex Eugene Frank won the Scooter division. Two girls competed on roller skates. Race organizer Donny Conner reported much fun was had by all!

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