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Food Drive Kicks Off Monday

Do you have any plans to go shopping this weekend? Most of us always need to pick something up, so if your weekend chores include a trip to the grocery store, be sure to pick up something extra for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive.

Now in its 5th year, the food drive will be Oct.1 – Nov. 1 and benefits the food banks at the Lake County Senior Center, St. George’s Church, Mountain View Presbyterian Church and Holy Family Parish. 

Food drop offs are Safeway,  Pueblo Bank and Trust, ALCO,  Sayer & McKee, Saturday’s Discount Store. There will also be donation jars  at all the banks in town, as well as at Saturday’s, Kum-n-Go on Mt View and Sayer & McKee.

“Remember, what you give comes back to you, ” says organizer Mabel Bogeart.  And as we come into the holiday season, that’s not such a bad thing to recall. Bogeart said tha the reaon she started the food drive yeasr ago was because she noticed that youth organizations who used to require kids to provide community service through food drives, were no longer collecting donation.

“In recent years when everyone was losing their jobs, there was a big hit to Leadville’s food banks. Nothing was coming in and everything was going out, ” explained Bogeart.  So she took it upon herself with some help from various community members over the years, to make sure that the food banks remain stocked. 

“As long as I am physically fit, I will continue to do this!” adds Bogeart. So let’s keep Mabel in good shape this October by making her lift boxes and boxes of food in and out of her car!

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