Latest News – October 15

Sayer Pharmacy Still Open til NOVEMBER 13

“We just want people to know that the Sayer’s Pharmacy is open until November 13th,” stated Nancy Longwell, owner of the Harrison Avenue Drug Store.  It seems there has been some confusion created – especially among Sayer’s elderly pharmacy customers – when it was reported in the local newspaper that the drug store was closing in October, not NOVEMBER as was originally reported on

So, to be perfectly clear, the Sayer-McKee Pharmacy’s LAST Day will be NOVEMBER 13, 2012. Longwell and other staff members are asking locals to help spread the word – especially to those older relatives who may rely on the pharmacy for regular prescriptions.

Then, starting Nov. 14,  customers can go to the Safeway Pharmacy. According to a media statement released by Sayer-McKee, “The Safeway pharmacy staff will consist of Sayer-McKee employees, including Longwell.  In essence, it will be a Sayer-McKee Pharmacy just located inside Safeway.”

“I believe that this partnership with Safeway will be the best of both worlds for the patrons of Sayer-McKee Drug Store, the employees of Sayer-McKee Drug Store and the community of Leadville,” says Longwell.

Come see us at Safeway: left to right pharmacy employees: “Spot” DeFabbo, Nancy Longwell, and Melissa Kovalaske


But for now, correcting the rroneous information in last week’s paper is the staff’s main concern.  They are asking for the community’s help in making sure locals are aware of this information, especially those customers who might not necessarily be online. So if you know of anyone – friend, family or neighbor – in that category, please tell them Sayer’s is open until Nov. 13.

After the pharmacy relocates,  remember that the front half of the store will remain open as they continue to liquidate their assets, more than likely being completely closed by the end of November.

Presently everything in the store is 20% off with greeting cards at half off. There is still some good stock, so why not get in for some Christmas shopping before the selection gets thin?!

Candidate’s Meet On Wednesday Oct 17

Meet The Candidates Night for local and some state candidates will be held this Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Mining Museum’s Longyear Auditorium (E. 10th Street entrance). The evening provides voters with an opportunity to get to know the candidates, and their views on various issues.

Come and Meet The Candidates this Wednesday Oct. 17 at Mining Museum. Photo: David Hahn.

Attendees will also have a chance to submit their questions. HOWEVER, please note that organizers are asking those who will be submitting questions, to arrive early between 5:30 – 5:45 p.m. The evening will adhere to a strict time schedule so that all candidates and ballot issues may be presented.

Leadville Today will also be recording the evening’s event and have it available on the website for voters who cannot attend. Stay Tuned! Stay Informed! VOTE on Tuesday November 6!

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