Latest News – October 25

 Pedalers Keep ‘Em Spinning at State Championships

The validity of high school mountain bike racing was backed up by the sheer numbers at last Sunday’s State Championships held in Fruita, CO.

For the fourth and final race of the Colorado High School Cycling League’s mountain bike race series saw 351 racers competing in the Colorado High School State Championships.  And Leadville was well represented by the Pbville Pedalers.

Pbville Pedalers at State Championship (L to R): Lara Lufkin, Aarika Johnson, Stephanie Colton, Grant Gipson, Darian Sandoval, Charlie Koch, Andrew Coffin. Not pictured: Coaches Bruce and Stacy Kelly

While not an official Lake County High School (LCHS) sports team, the community and some LCHS cheerleaders showed up last Friday and held an enthusiastic Pep Rally to send the team off to the state championship. The cycling club is made up of 3 girls and 4 boys from the local high school: Lara Lufkin, Aarika Johnson, Stephanie Colton, Grant Gipson, Darian Sandoval, Charlie Koch, Andrew Coffin. And the team’s first official year saw some solid team building and individual accomplishments.

But perhaps it’s the Pbville Pedalers’ coaches Stacy and Bruce Kelly who should garner the top prize for commitment and dedication to the team. The Leadville couple decided that they wanted the Leadville kids to have “the best equipment possible.” 

Pbville Pedalers Coach Bruce Kelly provides some pre-race inspiration to the team at State Championship.

They provided all of the bikes except for Charlie Koch’s.  He worked at his family’s restaurant – High Mountain Pies – to earn the money to buy his own bike.  Bruce Kelly, the owner of Pedal Power a bike shop in Vail,  was been able to get some good bikes donated through customers at his shop and the couple personally bought two more bikes for the team. 

But in order to be sustainable, the team could use a bit of help. The Pbville Pedalers can receive donations at 1st Mountain Bank @ 409 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO 80461. 

So all you cycling enthusiasts, those who come to Leadville to race or to play, please consider giving a cash donation or if you have another way you can help the team, please contact Coaches Bruce and Stacy Kelly at or (970) 333-8634.


Stop  . . . Old Driving Habits at 6th & McWethy

Ok, so how many times have you gone through the intersection of West 6th Street and McWethy this week? Notice the new stop signs? Hopefully it didn’t take more than one trip to notice the new STOP signs, new Slow School Zone sign and slower speed limit of 20 m.p.h. signs.

It’s been a dangerous intersection for years, especially during the winter, so why haven’t they replaced the yield signs before last Monday? What made them finally put in permanent STOP signs?!

Well if you haven’t heard the story before now, it can be confirmed as truth.  Public Works Director Brad Palmer confirmed the story that for most, could only be conceived as urban myth: the yield signs enabled school buses to not have to come to a complete stop at the intersection, using their momentum to confidently take that climb eastbound on 6th Street. Now that the district has new school buses that can stop and successfully make the steep turn without “a running start,” the intersection now houses two 36 inch BIG RED STOP signs for north-south traveling vehicles.

That’s today’s lesson, now back to class. But PLEASE . . . take it easy on our snowy roads, obey the new school zone speed limit and come to a complete stop if you’re at 6th & McWethy!


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