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Pbville’s KW Helps Out in NY 

For many of us, it might be just another Monday in the Rocky Mountains. Another Monday to head off to work, drop the kids at school and get about the business of life.

Unfortunately, for many on the eastern seaboard, particularly in New Jersey and New York, it’s the Monday after Sandy and life is anything but routine. Fortunately this week, the eastern shoreline will experience some relief, combined with a little piece of this small mountain community.

This Monday, KW Construction and Restoration (KWCR) of Leadville is in New York, helping with the relief efforts created by last week’s Superstorm Sandy.

The three foot (plus!) water line can be seen on this Staten Island, NY garage. KW crews are there to help with flood restoration. Photo: Nathan Fisher.

Last Friday, Leadville Today caught up with Kyle Welch, President of KW as he headed up a three vehicle, six staff convoy headed east.

“What we do on the road is generally flood mitigation,” said Welch during a phone interview as the group was passing through St. Louis, MO en route to the east coast. “We go in, make the building safe and clean it and dry it.”  Then the construction companies can come back in and put it together again – safely.

K.W. CONSTRUCTION & RESTORATION has been in business in Lake County since 1988. While locally they do both restoration and reconstruction, explained Welch, out of town the business focuses on restoration, something sorely needed back east as flooded communities with hundreds and thousands of saturated buildings stare winter in the face.

The New York City skyline from Staten Island, NY where the KW crews are helping with Superstorm Sandy relief efforts. Photo: Nathan Fisher.

The group eventually landed in Staten Island and began immediately providing assistance to neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Their cargo load included two generators and a dehumidifier which creates dry air and will accelerate drying out the buildings. In addition Welch drove out a semi-truck loaded down with electrical supplies and hundreds of cords in addition to his crews’ needs of protective gear used in mitigation  as well as food and personal supplies. Remember, the basics are scarce in hurricane tattered communities. 

But this isn’t KW’s first venture into disaster relief areas. They went down to help after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 . In fact, KW Construction and Restoration works with a lot of people from around the country who face the devastation from damaging flood waters.

“It takes a lot of money and man power to go out on the road,” explains Welch. “So you need to determine if there’s anything you can do in relief areas, are there enough people to take care of it, to help with the work.”

Roads stacked with trash and fuel shortages are making disaster relief efforts challenging. Photo: Nathan Fisher.

The crews’ initial reports from Staten Island indicate there are people willing to work, to assist the experienced KW crews. Although one of the biggest challenges is a fuel shortage – something anyone on the eastern seaboard will tell you. Welch anticipates the clean up crew to be in New York for 2-3 weeks, maybe longer.

So on this Monday, the day before the Tuesday Election and the Monday after Sandy, it’s not hard to wonder if anyone will ever see “just another Monday,” again.

For more information on KW Construction and Restoration, visit their website:

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