Latest News – November 9

WPE Students Vote on Mural Drawing

And the winner is . . . . Abram Dallas, a West Park Elementary (WPE) School fourth grader! Congratulations!

Voting booths were set up in the hallway for students to cast their ballots for the gym mural design.

It was a civics lesson that spilled out into the hallways as 327 WPE students voted for their favorite of three student drawings which will become a mural on the gym wall. At the end of the day the votes were tallied and Dallas’ drawing won, capturing 181 votes.

Fourth Grade Teacher and Mock Election Organizer Betsy Weis coordinated a real-life civics lesson for West Park Elementary students as they voted on mural artwork.

“The kids really enjoyed the experience and were able to make the connection between our mock election and the national election,” explained Betsy Weis, WPE  4th grade school teacher and mock election organizer. Weis also shared that she had one student say, “I’ve been wondering what all those commercials are about!”

The students were engaged in the process, as they filed out one by one into the hallway where volunteers waited to explain the process of casting their vote. The students then went into the booths, marked their paper ballots and placed them in a patriotically decorated ballot box.  After, they received a real “I voted” sticker – just like Mom and Dad!

Special thanks to the volunteer helpers and for the four voting booths made by kids in the 21st Century after school club “Upcycle Art” run by Cathy Williams. 

The process was a very effective way to demonstrate the democratic process, answering questions on everything from “how many can I vote on? “ to “do I go back there by myself?” concerning the private election process.

Volunteer Marvin Sandoval gives Arturo Aguilar an “I voted” sticker after casting his choice for the mural drawing. In all, 327 students voted.

The outcome of this election is a win-win for all students as the winning drawing by Abram Dallas will be transformed into a mural in the elementary school gym. Weis is working with Erin Farrow, the high school art teacher, to enlarge the image and paint it high up on the gym wall.  

The school mural project will need paint and painting supplies, so if anyone would like to donate money or supplies, the students and teachers would all be grateful.  Contact West Park Elementary at (719) 486-6890. Hopefully, the mural will be revealed before the school district’s Winter Break in mid-December.

Veterans Honored Tonight at Elks, Eagles Tomorrow

The public is invited to the Lake County Veterans Day Service tonight Friday Nov. 9 at 6 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, 123 West 5th Street in Leadville.  Dinner will follow at $7 per meal. Proceeds will be used for local veterans’ projects and to Honor Our Veterans. Call the Elks Lodge at 719-486-0236 for details.

On Saturday, Nov. 10 the Eagles Lodge at 812 Hemlock Street in Leadville will be celebrating the official birthday of the United States Marine Corps – November 10, 1775 – and ALL Veterans at a ceremony starting at 7 p.m. The public is invited.  Call the Eagles Lodge at 719-486-0040 for details.

These are the only Veterans Day events planned locally. Of course, the Evergreen Cemetery Veteran’s Memorial is always open and the perfect place to spend a moment of reflection for those who have served. However, local officials reported there are no formal services planned for Veterans Day, Nov. 11 – nor on the Monday holiday, Nov. 12. – if that changes, please let folks know. Happy Veterans Day!

Rep. Millie Hamner addresses the crowds at last May’s Memorial Day Services. While the Elks and Eagles plan separate services at their lodges, no public Veterans Day service is planned this weekend at the Evergreen Veterans Memorial.


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