Latest News – December 26

Locals: Please STOP Shoveling Snow into Streets!

It’s one of those topics that comes up year after year: snow removal. And now that Leadville and Lake County has actually seen some good snow storms and the piles are getting bigger around town, the need for a review of snow removal laws and policies is in order.SnowRemoval

A quick drive around town revealed that many people try to do a good job shoveling their property. However, everyone could be doing a better job. Maybe some folks were away for Christmas but others are just getting kinda lazy about it.

For example, while its good to shovel out  your driveway and walkway to your car, many people don’t seem interested in completing the job by shoveling the sidewalk in front of their house, clearing the walkway for pedestrians  It’s not only neighborly, it’s the law! And last year citations were issued by local law enforcement, so let’s try to stay on top of the snow removal, Leadvillites.

And now an official word from the chief snow removal guy, Lake County Public Works (LCPW) Director Brad Palmer:

It is that time of year. The snow keeps coming! And on snow days, Lake County Public Works may start plowing and clearing roads as early as 3 a.m. I know that when we plow it may leave a berm in front of your driveway. It cannot be helped. You cooperation in this manner is appreciated. Please note that you cannot throw your snow back in the road. Be safe out on the roads and keep an eye out for our plow drivers!

The Official Snow Removal Tips from LCPW


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