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Call to Action: Help Them Help You!

Are you happy with your current Internet access? Too expensive? Not reliable? Slow? No high-speed option available? Well, now there’s something you can do about it!

Lake County Connect, a local team of businesses, community leaders and interested citizens, are in the process of compiling information about current service. Do you use the internet? For personal and/or business use? Are you happy with your service?

Simple questions like these have been compiled in a survey that LCC is asking residents and business to complete. The survey also includes a speed test. A simple click of the mouse is all you need to do and then record the results in the survey.LT_LCC_Survey_Link

There is no quick fix, but a little of your time can make a big impact. Your answers will help LCC map out what level of service we really get in the county. The group will then take that information and work with broadband service providers to find a solution that will better serve Lake County needs. 

Help Lake County Connect take charge of the future, making sure  businesses can compete, local schools can excel, government offices can respond and all Lake County residents can work, live and play using the best Internet access possible.
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Lake County Connect (LCC) is a group of local residents and business people gathering data concerning broadband service in Lake County. What is available? Will there be enough Broadband to meet future needs?  How do we tap into the “backbone” of fiber optic cable that’s buried down the center of Harrison Avenue? What are neighboring rural communities doing concerning Broadband?

Consider all of the technologies that we’ve come to depend on for day-to-day living, both personal and business-related: cell phones, Internet, processing credit cards for business purchases, downloading movies, school work, medical procedures and reports. The list seems endless. Slowly, small rural communities like Leadville have become increasing dependent on Broadband.

So, stay informed, stay involved on this important issue. Lake County Connect welcomes everyone at their meetings.

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