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One Book, One School = One Good Time!

You could think of it as a book club for kids. But then you bring their parents (and siblings) into the picture, along with the educators, and before long, one thing’s for sure,  just about everyone in this small mountain town may have read Junie B Jones Captain Field Day by the end of next month.JunieB

At least that’s the idea behind One Book, One School, a program designed to create a shared reading experience for elementary school students. Locally, the First Grade Parents Committee is coordinating this program with author Barbara Park’s Junie B Jones Captain Field Day at the center.

Every Lake County first grader will soon be receiving a FREE copy of the book to bring home to their families. The program spans the course of a month as students read the book to their families and their families read the book with their child numerous times. This is a free literary event for first graders and their families!

The program culminates with a fun night of Junie B Jones activities to promote and enrich the shared reading experience on Wednesday, March. 27 at the West Park Elementary School cafeteria at 5:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in helping with the One Book, One School Program can contact Sally Lein at 970.331.9058 or

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