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Siren Testing at LMDT, Sign Up for Alerts

The Bureau of Reclamation will test warning sirens at the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel (LMDT) and Treatment Plant this Wednesday, March 27, between 1 and 3 p.m.Portal_LMDT_LeadvilleToday

“The sirens and emergency warning system are periodically tested as part of Reclamation’s routine maintenance program,” said Jenelle Ortiz, Plant Supervisor. “These systems were installed to enhance notification of the Village of East Fork residents in the unlikely event of an emergency.”

It’s been five years since the perceived LMDT disaster put into motion a series of its own sirens, sending local, state and federal agencies scurrying for a solution to high water levels backed up behind a collapse in the tunnel. The end result was a permanent pump which sends more than 1,000 gallons per minute from the tunnel to the LMDT treatment plant, before releasing the water into the Arkansas River.

The plant itself is located adjacent to the Village at East Fork (VEF), putting this community most at risk should the situation become compromised. Part of the safety upgrades put in place five years ago included adding a west-side exit for VEF residents and enhanced warning systems. This Wednesday those sirens are to be tested between 1 – 3 p.m.


Sign Up for Alert Notification

So don’t be alarmed if you hear the sirens. Alert_ClickHowever, the warning sound should act as a good reminder to get plugged into the Lake County Office of Emergency Management (LCOEM). Have you signed up for the local alert system? If you are on Facebook, have you “liked” the LCOEM page?

“Also, the alerting service can hit their cell phone if they register,” explains Lake County Emergency Manager Mike McHargue. That way, residents can receive notice even if they are working in Summit or Eagle county. Don’t wait until something happens; do it TODAY!

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