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Butterfly Ban: Will it Fly in Leadville?

In a surprise announcement that stunned many Lake County residents, local officials are considering an ordinance ban­ning all ornamental butterflies (and other decorations) on houses within the county limits.Butterfly_Ban

“When the issue first came to our attention by local realtors  we thought it was a joke,” stated one county official, who wished to remain anonymous.

It seems that local realty companies recently submitted a report to city and county officials expressing their concerns regarding the decline in property values of homes in the area that are decorated with various ornamental insects, especially butterflies.

Realtors have had numerous prospective buyers express their unwillingness to purchase houses that have those butterflies on them, explained an agent who owns the highest selling realty company in Lake County. The buyers refuse to sign, even on some of the best deals, even if it’s the residence next door or across the street that is decorated with those col­orful matching insects. Outside buyers truly see them as decreasing the value of a house.

Butterfly_Ban_2On the other side of the coin, property owners whose homes are on the market refuse to compromise by removing the butterflies, ceramic suns, and other ornaments. Area realtors finally presented their plight to local officials in a last ditch effort to generate sagging real estate sales in the area.

One realtor was heard to describe the butterfly ornaments on some homes as “look­ing more like a mass migration of monarchs to South America each year. I mean there should be a limit as to how many of the little critters can be slapped up on the side of a house.”

However some Lake County residents don’t see it that way. In fact, many are seeing red. “First the city passes that historic ordinance and now this!” retorted one east side resident, a neighbor­hood where butterflies have experienced an increasing popularity.

Although officials have not yet made a public statement on the Ban the Butterflies Ordinance one official was willing to speak off the record. “We’re trying to get the local economy back on its feet. Real estate sales are a big part of that recovery. We felt that the butterfly ban was a small sacrifice that area residents could make.”

But it appears that Lake County residents are not taking this lightly. “We’re growing tired of this type of madness in our local government,” stated local resident Joe King who has formed the Save the Butterflies Committee.

“I mean, first it’s the butterflies  then what?” said property manager Justin Kidding. “Before you know it, we won’t be able to keep our Christmas decorations up all year.” So be warned if you have a fading holiday wreath still on your front door.

A special meeting concerning the Ban The Butterfly Ordinance will be held April 31 at the Mining Hall of Fame conference room at 7 p.m. So, all you lovers of butterflies, holiday wreaths, and ceramic suns, rally together!

That’s right the meeting is April 31. But wait, April has only 30 days, but the month starts with the first of April, also known as

April Fool’s Day – Gotcha!

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