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Reminder: Training Exercise for EMS on Friday

The past couple of days have been filled with “breaking news” regarding the Bluebell Fire near Evergreen, Colo. It always grabs the public’s attention as things implode into “mass evacuations” and play out live on TV, the internet and smart phones.LCOEM

It’s a flood of second by second reporting in today’s world of social media, with hashtags and posts exchanging information at record speed – some of it accurate, some of it not so accurate.

If it seems a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. Are you prepared? Would you know where you should go in the event of an evacuation in Lake County? Who’s information on Facebook is official – who can you trust? What is a hashtag? Where are they getting that video?

Well hopefully, the following might provide some answers. This Friday, June 7, Leadville and Lake County residents will have the opportunity to learn more about what LOCAL procedures and protocol are in place in the case of a LOCAL emergency.

As reported earlier on Leadville Today,  Lake County emergency responders will be holding a Wild land fire Exercise (practice, drill) near the Sugarloaf Campground this Friday. However, there are also opportunities for locals to attend informational briefings as well as FREE training sessions regarding emergency preparedness.  

Here’s the official report from Leadville/Lake County Public Information Officer (PIO) Betty Benson:

This is just a practice but it will be executed as if it were real.   There will be road closures so plan accordingly.  Responders from other communities may also be in the area. 

The public is welcome to attend briefings at the middle school at approx. 1:30 p.m. and regularly after that until the exercise completes about 4 p.m., call 211 after 10:45 a.m. for information, take notice of the message boards, check and www.facebook/lcoem.  Please do not call 911 when you see the emergency responders performing their duties on June 7.  THIS IS A DRILL. LCOEM_Flyer  

If you participate, we would like your feedback regarding the value of information available at 211, on Facebook, and on the Lake County Web site to help you prepare for this (practice) emergency, and if it had been a real event if there was sufficient information.  Please respond on www.facebook/lcoem or send email to 

Reminder – along with the wildland fire exercise this Friday, there is a training opportunity sponsored by the Red Cross at 1:00 at the middle school. We hope many in the community will participate and take advantage of this free training:

  • Shelter tour – American Red Cross.
  • Hands only CPR – American Red Cross.
  • Individual Preparedness – American Red Cross.
  • Business/Organization Preparedness – American Red Cross.
  • Defensible Space – Fire Dept or CSU extension.

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