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Patton Seated on New District Court Bench

If it seems like there are more court cases on the docket than ever, it’s because there are. And to help the courts handle the growing caseload, state lawmakers created a new judgeship in the 5th Judicial District, which includes Lake, Summit, Eagle, and Clear Creek counties.

Lake County's Judge Wayne Patton is in the running for new Fifth Judicial District Court judge

Judge Wayne Patton was appointed the new Fifth Judicial District Court judge – Congratulations!

The process ultimately resulted in Lake County Judge Wayne Patton moving up to the newly created seat in the District Court. Patton was selected by a nominating commission, who narrowed the pool down to three candidates.

Last Tuesday, June 4, Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia announced his selection; Patton will officially be seated in the new position on July 1, fulfilling the directive pursuant to House Bill 13-1035.

Of course, Patton’s departure leaves a vacancy in the office of county judge for Lake County. To that end, a locally based Judicial Nomination Commission will select candidates for a new judge to replace Patton in the Lake County court. This group will meet at the Lake County Courthouse in Leadville on July 15, 2013, to interview and select nominees for appointment by the governor.

Applications must be filed with the ex officio chair no later than 4 p.m. June 25, 2013.  Late applications will not be considered.  Any person wishing to suggest a candidate to fill the vacancy may do so by letter to be submitted to any member of the nominating commission, with a copy to the ex officio chair, no later than June 18, 2013.

So, if you’ve ever thought about being a county judge, or wondered what it takes here are the specifics:

To be eligible for appointment to fill the vacancy, the applicant must be a qualified elector of Lake County and have graduated high school or attained the equivalent of a high school education as indicated by the Department of Education, based upon the record made on the General Education Development test.  The annual salary for this position is $70,123, and it is a 55 percent position.  The initial term of office of a county judge is a provisional term of two years; thereafter, the incumbent county judge, if approved by the voters, has a term of four years.

                Application forms are available from the office of the ex officio chair of the nominating commission, Justice Allison H. Eid, 2 E. 14th Ave., Denver, CO 80203; and the office of the district administrator, Danny Davis, 885 Chambers Ave., Eagle, CO 81631, or at the office of Lake County Clerk of Court Brenda Knoll, 505 Harrison Ave., Leadville, CO 80461.  Applications also are available on the court’s home page at


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