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Students Helping Students: The Link Crew

By Karl Remsen, Link Crew Co-Coordinator

The first day of school is right around the corner, and the Lake County High School (LCHS) Link Crew is preparing for the exciting day. 

LCHS Link Crew Leaders discuss freshman orientation last week in their training. Photo: Karl Remsen.

LCHS Link Crew Leaders discuss freshman orientation last week in their training. Photo: Karl Remsen.

The nineteen junior and senior leaders spent two days last week training for the freshman orientation day that will occur on the morning of Tuesday, August 20 with Ms. Farrow and Mr. Remsen, the Link Crew Coordinators for the high school. With construction at LCHS, Colorado Mountain College generously offered their gymnasium so that the students could learn how to lead activities and provide guidance for their younger peers.     

The group is excited and ready to welcome the incoming class of 2017 and help them be prepared for their first day of high school. Link Crew Leaders also work with freshman students to insure that every student is successful during their first year of high school. 

LCHS Freshman should arrive at the high school by 8 a.m. on Tuesday, August 20. The half-day orientation will conclude about noon and includes an opening assembly, work in small groups with the Link Leaders, a campus tour, a closing assembly and lunch.Obit_Spacer_Thin

It's Back-To-School time at Laek County High Schhol as students and staff assit with registration on Tuesday, August 13. First day of classes is one week away!

It’s Back-To-School time at Lake County High Schhol as students and staff assist with registration on Tuesday, August 13. First day of classes is one week away!



LCHS: A Case of “Everything Old is New Again.”

New high school year – check!  Lake County High School (LCHS) classes start along with everyone else in the district, one week from today on Wednesday, August 21. Yeah Class of 2014! Go Panthers!

New high school building – check! Well, not quite a full check, but there’s little doubt that things are fully underway with the $26 million renovation project at the Leadville high school. See the notice below for information on the Ground Breaking Ceremony.

New high school principal – check! Enter Christina Gosselin, the new LCHS principal.

LCHS Principal Christina Gosselin

LCHS Principal Christina Gosselin

Leadville Today sat down with Gosselin several weeks ago for a get-to-know-you session; here’s that interview. So, pay attention and learn something or you’ll get detention!

LT: Tell us about your high school years and how they led you down the road to be the principal at Lake County High School.

CG:  In high school, my soccer and field hockey coach told me that I should go into education and I told her, she was crazy. So instead I ended up going to Virginia Tech and majored in biology (emphasis in molecular biology). I did research all through college and I thought that was the track that I was on. Then in my junior year, I thought I might want to teach, so I went to my advisor asked about a minor in education. At that point, I was told that I “couldn’t be a serious biologist if you’re going to do that.”

So Gosselin kept on track, en route towards her PhD. But it wasn’t long before she realized that it wasn’t for her. She was social, and not one to easily fit into the repetitive nature of lab work. Eventually, Gosselin came to the conclusion that she had taught all through college, and that she really liked doing it.  

She mapped out a new course for her life, which started as a middle school math and science teacher in the Washington D.C. area. However after a year, not content with city life, Gosselin pulled back out her road map of life and weighed her options. If she had her choice – especially as a math and science teacher – where would she want to teach?

A hard hat could be part of Gosselin's new wardrobe as she helps steer the LCHS renovation project.

A hard hat could be part of Gosselin’s new wardrobe as she helps navigate the Lake County High School renovation project, scheduled to finish in August 2014.

CG: I flew out to Colorado, rented a car, and set up interviews in Summit and Eagle County in 2005. Someone suggested I also interview at Red Canyon High School, an alternative high school in Eagle County. I did it purely for the experience of interviewing because I didn’t think I’d be teaching at an alternative high school. But during my interview, one of the kids got arrested and so I had to step outside  for a moment. I started talking to some kids who were smoking cigarettes and trying to break a window. It was 5 o’clock in the evening and I asked them ‘why are you guys here? It’s after school.’ They answered, because we love it; the staff is awesome; it’s like home. I took the job. I was the only science teacher from 9th through 12th grade. I had never taught high school before.

But Gosselin was hooked, spending 6 years there, three of which were in the role as the mentor teacher.  

The biggest challenge was the slim age difference. Gosselin was 23 when she started teaching, some of her students were 21-years-old. And while Gosselin reported that she didn’t have any issues with discipline or defining boundaries with students, most of the time it was their personal stories that were the hardest not things not to take home at night.

CG: I remember one kid telling me, ‘I’m sorry I’m late. I slept under a bridge last night.’ Or they’re living in their tent in the woods. That’s hard to see in a student.

When it came time for another look at life’s road map, it was another mentor – this time the principal – who encouraged Gosselin to take her next step in education: administration. So it was back to school; Gosselin completed her masters three years ago at Mesa State in Grand Junction, Colo.

Last year, Gosselin returned to Eagle County as the master teacher at Homestake Peak School, a position which had been vacated by West Park Elementary Principal Stephanie Gallegos, the same person who would prompt Gosselin to apply for the LCHS Principal position. Which signals the GPS on Gosselin’s road map of life to the corner of 6th & Harrison (well, probably more like McWethy)

LT: Why Leadville?

CG: I love the small mountain town. Leadville is a great community. It’s in good proximity to everything. And I’ve met a lot of awesome kids!

Welcome to Lake County High School, Christina Gosselin! 


In other high school news . . 

High School Renovation Ground Breaking Ceremony

The west side of Lake County High School is being reconfigured as part of a $26 million renovation project now underway.

The west side of Lake County High School is being reconfigured as part of a $26 million renovation project now underway in Leadville.

 On Friday, August 30 the Lake County School District will be hosting a Ground Breaking Ceremony at the Lake County High School to commemorate the $26 million renovation project now underway at the facility. The program will begin at 1:30 p.m. in front of the high school and refreshments will be provided after the ceremony. The public is invited. Call (719) 486-6950 for more information.A_Spacer_Thin

Lake County High School Renovation Project

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