Latest News – September 22

It’s Sunday – Go Fishin’

There’s always something to get in the way of a day of fishing: chores, work and then there’s all those backhoes and graders working out along the Arkansas River south of Leadville.COFlyFishingGuides_LeadvilleToday

But not to worry, Tim Hill with Colorado Fly Fishing Guides is here with the latest fishing report including what to avoid and what’s making the fish bite late. Enjoy the rest of the season and those beautiful aspens!

Upper Arkansas River (Between Leadville and Buena Vista):

The Upper Arkansas River Aquatic Habitat Enhancement Project is taking place in the State Trust Land, the Reddy Easement, and Hayden Meadows for the duration of the season.  It is important to note that this project does affect water clarity to varying degrees throughout the day.  Areas above the Lake Creek confluence are best fished early or in the evenings, and they do not work in the river on weekends.

Enjoy some late-season fishing on the Upper Arkansas!

Enjoy some late-season fishing on the Arkansas!


Despite the restorative effort affecting clarity, the entire headwaters is totally accessible for the walk/wade angler and the recent rains have only bumped the flows modestly, so the fishing remains great.  Fall is in the air in the Rockies, and the major summer season hatches are all but over.  You may be able to turn a fish or two on big attractors or smaller mayfly patterns on top, but for your most consistent action you will have to turn to nymphing with caddis pupa, small stones or copper johns with a small mayfly or midge emerger as a trailer.LaborSpecial

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