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Ski Cooper GM Blogging for the 2013-14 Season

Ski Cooper’s General Manager Dan Torsell has started writing a regular blog for the ski area’s website. Posting a regular update is a great way for the President of the Leadville recreational facility to stay connected to members and guests throughout the busy ski and riding season. Torsell’s second blog, posted last week, addressed the topic of staff changes on the mountain. Here’s a link t that colum:SkiCooper_Dan_BlogLink


SOS Learn To Ski Program – VOLUNTEER!

By Sara Pederson, Leadville SOS Coordinator

This winter will be our 5th year at Ski Cooper, and we will be welcoming our first class of Junior Sherpa’s (peer mentors) in to the program.  They will be mentoring the younger kids, and working through a leadership development, and social justice project.  We will be enrolling 35 kids in to the university program at Ski Cooper, and 25 kids in the learn to ride program at Breckenridge.

SOS Learn To Ski Program at Ski Cooper.

SOS Learn To Ski Program at Ski Cooper.

Learn to Ride is run through the school, and takes place at Breckenridge.  LTR is 5 consecutive weekends, focusing mainly on learning to ski or snowboard.  After the kids complete LTR the next year they are invited back to join the 6 month, 4+ year program called University, this runs at Ski Cooper, and focuses on not just skiing and snowboarding but service learning, leadership development, mentoring, social justice, and our 5 (now 6) core values. Note: Learn To Ride and University are 2 different programs.

In the past, we have had 5 core values, and each day we focus on expanding our knowledge and use of one of the values:  Courage, Discipline, Integrity, Wisdom, and Compassion.  This year we are introducing our new 6th core value; Humility. 

I am excited and hopeful for another successful season, and I can’t wait to get out on the hill with the kids, Sherpa’s, and Junior Sherpa’s.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for a very snowy and powder filled season! 

Orientations for winter programs started Sept 23. But, anyone interested in joining either LTR or University, or interested in volunteering for either program can contact Sara Pederson or (970) 763-7168.

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