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Celebrating Leadville’s Talented Musical Artists

Last June 22, the historic Tabor Opera House in association with Leadville Today hosted the first Talent at The Tabor. Now, that’s not to say that this was the first talent show ever hosted at the historic venue, but maybe the first in many years.

Obit_Spacer_ThinThe whole idea started with an email from opera house owner Sharon Bland. She had sent along some information about the historic posters that volunteers had found underneath some old linoleum on the third floor of the iconic building. The over-sized advertisements from the glory days of the Leadville theater had been restored and framed. Sharon and husband Bill were planning a community event to unveil the old posters. READ MORE on this story: LINK

During a conversation concerning the posters, Sharon shared there was also a smaller poster uncovered that highlighted a local talent show from the 1960s. Hmmmmm, the light bulb went off and before long the Tabor Opera House and Leadville Today were making plans to produce the first Talent at The Tabor.

Word went out about auditions, and everyone was pleasantly surprised when local performers not only showed up, but brought their “A” game, a  level of talent far beyond what was expected. The rest is history!

It didn’t take long before other behind-the-scene talent signed on for the event. So a big thank you to the following folks: Kathy Albers signed on to be Stage Manager for the event and the Bland’s son-in-law Ted Cumpston generously agreed to do the audio engineering for the performances. George Benson coordinated the lighting and Marc Cumpston and Cody Smith came on as stage hands. Hats off to the group of volunteers dressed in historic costumes who usher in a packed house to their seats on performance night. Of course the man who wove the whole night together was emcee Bill Bland.

Jim Morris with Red Wolf Studios graciously agreed to record the performances. While it would have been great to share the entire performance in one shot, it was too long to upload in one file. So here are the individual performances from the first (with hopefully of many to come) Talent at the Tabor! Enjoy!

Colin McFee – Talent at The Tabor

Jennifer Stevens – Talent at The Tabor

Simon Stevens  – Talent at The Tabor

Cloud City Twirlers – Talent at The Tabor

Talus Schreiber – Talent at The Tabor

Sara Collier – Talent at The Tabor

Brooke Shutte – Talent at The Tabor

Brian Copley – Talent at The Tabor

Sharon Bland – Talent at The Tabor

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