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Leadville Featured in Christmas Commercials

Have you seen the commercials yet? The ones that feature historic Harrison Avenue and glorious Mounts Elbert and Massive? Well, there’s more than one airing on national networks which feature Leadville and Lake County, so keep an eye out.

The advertising spots are selling Dodge Ram Trucks and Jeeps, which made the local scenery a natural backdrop for the wintery shots.

Dodge Ram Truck Commercial


Film crews were in town on October 17 & 18, and stirred up quite a bit of interest, as well as a little news story of their own when one of their wardrobe trailers skidded off the road up on Leadville’s east side. Fortunately, the snow and cold came right on cue as the “Hauling-a-Huge-Christmas-Tree-Across-the-Country” commercial used historic Harrison Avenue as one of its location shoots.Obit_Spacer_ThinJeep_Click


The crew arrived late Wednesday afternoon, Oct.17, and the economic impact was felt immediately as one Leadville hotel manager reported via social media that “They have taken over our hotels, and we love it!”  No doubt, the 48-hour excitement was a welcome burst of business during the in-between summer and ski seasons when lodging occupancy is generally low and restaurants generally slow.

The production crew which was out of Denver and spent much of the first day up on Leadville’s east side, specifically Adelaide Park, up toward Mosquito Pass. Locals who know their hills will no doubt be able to recognize this scene in the commercials as bright red Jeeps convene in a circle, surrounded by brightly lit Christmas trees.Dodge_POst_Commercial


However, it was the irony of the “Wardrobe Malfunction” that had folks talking on social media. After all, when you’re filming a Dodge Ram truck commercial in Ford and Chevy country, and one of the trucks slides off the road, well folks are bound to talk about it. Leadville Today’s Facebook Page hosted a lively, but respectful, conversation about who makes the best truck for the Colorado high country: Dodge, Chevy or Ford? You can weigh in at: LINK.

“Wardrobe Malfunction” Photo: Sue Mullineux.

“Wardrobe Malfunction” Photo: Sue Mullineux.

Regardless, the film crew was quick to recover from Thursday’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” and before sunrise on Friday, they were at it again, this time shooting on historic Harrison Avenue.

The production company drew a small, but hardy crowd of spectators as temperatures were in the ice box and the wind didn’t help either. But the conditions certainly made for the holiday scene the crew was hoping for.

By noon, the gig was up and that HUGE Christmas Tree was seen heading north out of town, on to Loveland Pass for additional filming. Eventually, the giant fir was placed in Denver’s Civic Center Park, donned in all its holiday apparel! ChristmasTree

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