Latest News – January 6

High School Teacher Remsen “Flipping” Classrooms

By now, you’d have to be living under the proverbial rock not to know that Leadville is building a new high school. It’s a massive undertaking but when all is said and done, Lake County High School will be a 21st century learning institution, preparing local youth for higher education and/or the working world beyond. Of course, the building itself is an impressive fete (please see the remodel update below). But beyond the new infrastructure, the new classrooms, the new technology, will teachers and students be ready to utilize these new tools for education?LCHS_Remsen_Click

To help answer that question, here is a story, with video about Lake County High School (LCHS) Math teacher Karl Remsen. Remsen has been using a “Flipped Learning” approach with his LCHS students, a technique he learned from University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute outreach coordinator Jerry Overmyer. Here’s the complete story from the UNC e-Newsletter:

At Lake County High School in Leadville, Karl Remsen is turning things upside down. He’s using a “flipped” classroom, a teaching technique that reverses the usual approach to teaching: Instead of listening to lectures in class and doing work at home, students watch short videos of their teacher’s lecture at home, then work together actively in the classroom. READ MORE

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