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It’s Mogul March Madness at Ski Cooper


mogulFor skiers, it’s a word that either puts a smile on your face or gets your knees knocking a bit. Do you lean toward the latter, maybe looking to boost your confidence and technique in the art of skiing the bumps? Or maybe you’re a first timer to the challenge. Well, help is on the way! 

Ski Cooper’s new Bump Skiing Institute™ (BSI) is unique in that absolutely no prior mogul skiing experience is necessary. BSI offers a progression in its mogul skiing education which begins on slopes with less pitch, places where moguls are not typically found.

Ski Cooper’s Bump Skiing Institute™ Video

Cooper’s Bump Skiing Institute™ allows neophyte mogul skiers to learn the basics and proper technique on slopes corresponding to their ability level, instead of terrifying them with steep expert runs on which lie bumps the size of Volkswagen Beetles (not a learning-conducive environment), where nothing can be taught if the skiers are not already good enough. Their “BSI” coaches are highly qualified, and include the founder and director emeritus of, the leading online resource and community for mogul skiers, who was the 2010 winner of the Ski Sundown Bump or Bust Mogul Competition.

Their other coach is an expert mogul skier and Certified USA Weightlifting Coach with expertise in Kinesiology and biomechanical analysis.

So if you’re loooking to “bump” up your skiing experience, this March is your time. Click below to get connected:Cooper_Moguls

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