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Dr. Wayne Callen to Retire, Effective July 2014

After thirty five years providing family medicine in Leadville, Wayne Callen, MD will retire on July 11, 2014. 

Dr. Wayne Callen

Dr. Wayne Callen


Dr. Callen came to Leadville in 1978 to be employed with a medical group which included Dr. Kehoe and Dr. Philbin.  In a short time he joined their practice and has been a dedicated health care professional in Leadville and Lake County ever since.  

Callen was as passionate then as he is now about rural medicine. In the late 70’s rural family doctors were involved in a broader spectrum of care then they are today. It was an exciting time for a new doctor.  

“It is rare these days that a physician cares for generations of family members. Caring for the children and grandchildren of my initial patients has been very rewarding,” said Dr. Callen. 

Currently Gary Petry, MD and Jackie Duba MPH, PA offer family medicine at the SVH Leadville Medical Clinic and will continue to do so. The hospital does plan to add an additional provider to the clinic medical staff in the near future. 

“Everyone comes to retirement age at some point. And though I truly value my patients, the family practice, St. Vincent Hospital staff and my time spent here, it is my time to retire,” remarked Callen “My immediate plans are to travel overseas extensively and find some palm trees in the warmth of the sun.” 

Peggy Frank, SVH Leadville Medical Clinic Director is available to answer any patient questions at 719-486-1264.  Frank stated that “Doctor Callen will surely be missed, it is my goal to carry on his commitment and dedication to patient care.”Obit_Spacer_Thin

Hospital CEO Discusses Revenue and Costs

During a recent presentation to the community, St Vincent Hospital CEO Joyce Beck gave a report concerning the hospital’s fiscal standing. In this video Beck discusses the facilities approach to controlling costs and generating revenue.


Hospital Foundation Funds Continue to Grow

The St. Vincent Hospital (SVH) Foundation’s fundraising efforts continue to grow with the most recent success coming in the form of the Long Term Care Bus. Hospital Foundation LogoThis new vehicle will enable long-term care patients to be able to travel to off-site medical appointments in addition to social activities. The bus was funded by generous donations from individuals and organizations, including most recently John and JoAnn Cirullo, Ann Marie Bradach, Frank Bradach, Don and Bev Ferrie on behalf of the Boom Days Committee, the Griswold Charitable Trust, the Burt Foundation, the Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation, the Leadville Elks Lodge and the St. Vincent Hospital Employee Fund.

The  SVH foundation, a non-profit organization, fund-raised over $300,000 for St. Vincent Hospital improvements in 2013. In 2014/15 the organization’s goals include over $2.8 million in funds for a new ambulance, various medical equipment needs and replacement of the hospital heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, as well as a new surgical suite.  

To help the foundation with donations of time and resources to contact Karen Rinehart for more information, 719-486-7135. Skin_Spac


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