Latest News – March 15

 Put Down That Donut and Get The Lead Out!

The Lake County Public Health Agency is helping local residents “Get The Lead Out” (GTLO) this season.

GTLO_LogoAs the piles of snow slowly start to melt away, so, do many wish, would those extra winter pounds. But fear not, and then take a look around – you’re not alone! So why not make it a group effort and gather all the support you’ll need to meet your health goal by the time summer rolls around?

The 3rd annual GTLO program will span from March 27 – June 26 and participants can enter as a group or individual. Deadline for registration is next Friday, March 21 and the cost is $30 per person. For complete rules and registration information: LINK.

The teams usually keeps things fun and competitive through the 12 week process, with creative fitness names such as this year’s “Miss Fits” and the “Lighten Ups.” Besides, the hunger pangs and sore muscles are easier to go through with a little camaraderie! So get you GTLO group together now.MBT_Bikers

 The kick-off event will be held Thursday, March 27 from 6 -8 p.m. at the Climax Bldg gym at Colorado Mountain College. This special send-off to fitness will include a community fair with information, samples, and services to help participants reach their healthy goals during the competition and beyond.

The GTLO Kick-Off Event is also soliciting for local businesses who would like to be a sponsor and/or offer their goods and services to participants, can get more information HERE.

For more information, call the Lake County Public Health Agency 719-486-2413 or visit their website.Obit_Spacer_Thin


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