Latest News – March 23

Compost and Recycle Bins Available for Events

Are you planning a special event in Leadville or Lake County? Or maybe your group or organization is coordinating a special activity? Recycle BinWell, here’s some good news concerning the waste that could be created from those efforts. Cloud City Conservation Center (C4) is now able to offer full support for anybody interested in composting and running a small zero waste event, party or get-together.

Here’s the low-down:  

  • Compost Drop-Off.  Compost can be dropped off behind the C4 office for free if you are working with them to put on a small Zero Waste Event (<200 people).

Location: Behind the Post Office Building (130 W 5th), in the 95 gallon toter starting March 19th.  Compostable BinYou will need the combination so be sure to coordinate with C4.  In order to be eligible, you must notify them ahead of time and follow their guidelines.

When: You can drop compost off whenever you would like, as long as you have cleared it with C4.  

Note: You can help C4 provide this service.  We provide it for free through partnerships and donations. Volunteer to help us deliver compost to the Summit County’s compost facility at the landfill monthly.  

  • Portable Recycle and Compost Bins for Rent – Free for non-profits. C4 now has 20 portable recycle containers and 10 portable compost containers available for rental.  Be sure to reserve them ahead of time.
  • Compostable and Recyclable Materials are available on-line and in Summit County. Not sure what to order?  C4 can help.  Alternately, these items can be purchased and picked up in Summit County from High Country Conservation Center.  
  • Signs and Additional Information are available on the C4 web-site for download.

Thanks for all that you do to reduce waste! This new program offered by C4 was a collaboration with Freeport McMoRan and “kept on track” by motivator and Leadville educator Susan Fishman.



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