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Documentary to Be Filmed at Leadville Hospital

Grey’s Antimony.   St. Elsewhere.   Marcus Welby, M.D. 

St. Vincent Hospital in Leadville. Photo: David Hahn.

St. Vincent Hospital in Leadville. Photo: David Hahn.

The real life drama of practicing medicine has been translated on the small screen for decades; the audience loves it.  And today’s viewers are no different, although they may be watching it from a different kind of screen: a computer screen, a mobile device. To that end, St. Vincent Hospital (SVH) will provide the backdrop in the “internet short documentary” for an Audi car. The script follows the real-life story of a doctor in Iowa who braved the harsh winter elements for the sake of saving a prematurely born child. Some of the hospital’s staff will be featured along with local residents appearing as (paid!) extras in the film being shot in Leadville today and tomorrow. “The film set will be closed,” said Shae Horton, Production Coordinator with Aerofilm out of Santa Monica, Calif., so locals will have to wait to see the final cut. The crew will be filming inside the hospital today, April 29 and doing some exterior shots tomorrow of the Audi driving in adverse weather. logo copyThe documentary is intended as a celebration of Mother’s Day and Horton anticipates the film being available online at by May 11. Leadville Today will provide that link when it becomes available. “We chose Leadville because when we asked location scouts from Denver where the best location would be for snow, they said: that would be the highest town in America: Leadville!” said Horton. And no doubt, The Cloud City delivered, as winter reappeared this week and snow is in the forecast for days ending in “y”. The sunny side to the weather news is that local businesses and residents will benefit economically from the two day production. Horton confirmed that the Denver film crew is lodging locally and will also take meals in town. So, SMILE, even if it’s snowing, you could be on camera! Obit_Spacer_Thin

St. Vincent Hospital Receives New Ultrasound

GE Healthcare delivered a new LOGIC S8 Ultrasound machine to St. Vincent Hospital on April 15. The new machine replaces the hospital’s older Ultrasound which had reached the end of its life span.  

Dr. Charles Lackey (middle) and Sue Coles (right), St. Vincent's Radiology Manager, train on the new Ultrasound with Phuong Ly, Applications Specialist for GE Healthcare (left). Photo: SVH

Dr. Charles Lackey (m) and Sue Coles (r), St. Vincent’s Radiology Manager, train on the new Ultrasound with Phuong Ly, Applications Specialist for GE Healthcare (l). Photo: SVH

“This Ultrasound has already made such a difference for us. The speed at which we can obtain high quality images for our physicians allows us to care for our patients better. The machine’s portability also increases its usefulness throughout the hospital,” commented Sue Coles, St. Vincent Hospital Radiology Manager.  GE Healthcare explains Ultrasound as, a non-invasive and expedient way to look inside the body at organs and soft tissue. There is no exposure to ionizing radiation as there is with X-ray or Computed Tomography (CT) exams. Instead, ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create a detailed image of the organ or tissue being examined. Sound waves are sent into the body through a hand-held device called a transducer which is pressed against and moved over the skin. The ‘echoes’ that bounce back are then displayed as an image in real time on the ultrasound monitor.  The cost of the new Ultrasound was $89,000. The hospital foundation received a $50,000 grant from Caring For Colorado last month. The balance was funded by the proceeds of silver bars that the hospital owned and recently sold for $13,000. The remainder was financed through GE Healthcare.Hospital Foundation Logo  St. Vincent Hospital has identified essential equipment upgrades to support its mission of providing access to quality health care. In 2013 the hospital foundation was successful in fundraising for the addition of Digital Mammography. Following the new Ultrasound, St. Vincent Hospital Foundation is pursuing new or refurbished Laparoscopy equipment for the surgery suite.  “We are interested in providing state of the art medical equipment for our patients. It is important that our community members have the opportunity to receive their care in their hometown. The generous grants and donations we receive are making that possible,” said Foundation Director, Karen Rinehart.Obit_Spacer_Thin

Hospital Foundation Fundraising Update

SVH burro Fundraiser

Hospital Human Resources Director, Cheryl Snider, kissed the burro named J.J. as part of a fundraising challenge for the hospital foundation. Photo: SVH.

Remarkable efforts by St. Vincent Hospital (SVH) staff continue to bring in funds for hospital improvements. On Wednesday April 23, SVH Human Resources Director, Cheryl Snider, kissed the burro named J.J.  as part of a fundraising challenge she initiated. The Kiss the Burro promotion earned $1,522.65 and was the brain child of Snider. In this campaign staff placed money in jars which represented hospital executives. The executive with the most money won – which meant kissing the burro. Thanks to David TenEyck for providing such a sweet burro! In other foundation fundraising news, the SVH Dietary staff is making delicious baked goods and “grab and go” dinners for staff to purchase. They have earned over $183 to date.   Looking ahead,  the Radiology Department is hosting the 2K Weenie Race and Roast on May 10. And St. Vincent Hospital Leadville Medical Clinic is hosting a garage sale on May 16. Pssst, last year’s sale had a lot of good stuff, so mark the calendar!Obit_Spacer_Thin

In Other Health Related Leadville News

It’s mid-way through the 12 week “Get The Lead Out” (GTLO) Program and time to check in and see how the individuals and teams are doing with their weight-loss goals.GTLO Sponsored by the Lake County Public Health Agency the 3rd annual GTLO program which spans from March 27 – June 26 is helping local residents meet their health goals through nutrition and exercise. So here are the top three teams and individuals based on data from the April 24 weigh in. Top 3 Teams

  • Drop it Like it’s Hot (0.97%) (Kim Kellerby, Troy Kennedy, and Corey Pollock)
  • Belly Busters (0.82%) (Sonia Barela and Susana Medina)
  • Lighten Up (0.74%) (Mary Bender, Dilia Castellanos, Omar Castellanos, Anita Griego, Richard Griego, and Marni Wight-Garrison). 

Top 3 Females

  • Crystal Bogeart (3.50%)
  • Lacy Weisenburger (2.30%)
  • Jackie Littlepage (2.28%)

Top 3 Males

  • Joshua Leyba (1.43%)
  • Richard Griego (1.42%)
  • Sol Jiron and Troy Kennedy (1.18%)


Colorado Kicks Off 2nd Annual Get Movin’ Challenge

LiveWell Colorado kicks off the second annual Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge on May 1 and ends on May 30.  The Colorado Get Movin’ Challenge provides free online tools to encourage Coloradans to make a concerted and collective effort to be active during May. GMC14_Poster_8.5x11_English_Generic_LR copyParticipants are encouraged to engage in physical activity for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.  Colorado’s total amassed minutes will be displayed at and will demonstrate that Colorado is the most active state in the nation.  Anyone can participate for as many days as they like – incentives are given at three different levels – and all the minutes tracked will contribute to the state’s accumulated total. New this year is a competition between cities and towns in Colorado for the title of Most Active Colorado City.  For more info, here’s the LINK or locally contact Julie Lundgren at 719-293-5944 or email

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