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Free Fishing This Weekend, June 7-8

Colorado residents and visitors can fish without a license during Free Fishing Weekend, June 7 and 8. Each year, the first full weekend in June is set aside to promote sport fishing and no fishing license is required in Colorado.


Licensing requirements are set aside for these days to make it as easy as possible for kids and their families to discover the enjoyment of fishing in Colorado’s great outdoors. Although no fishing license is required this weekend, all other regulations remain in effect. That means that limits on the number of fish that can be caught each day and restrictions on bait in certain waters will still be enforced.Obit_Spacer_Thin

Local Fishing Report for Leadville/Lake County

Here is the local fishing report for the Upper Arkansas River (Leadville to Buena Vista) brought to you by Tim Hill of Colorado Fly Fishing Guides in historic downtown Leadville:

COFlyFishingGuides_LeadvilleTodayThe good news is that flows have seemed to stabilize somewhat – the bad news is they have stabilized at a very high flow rate.  Clarity issues do remain on the upper river, however there is fishable clarity from late afternoons to early evenings.  There is fishable water on the edges, channels, and tributaries of the Ark up high but opportunities are limited.  In other words, with a lot of effort and knowledge of where to go, there are chances to fish the upper river, but conditions remain very difficult at the current flows.

If you do manage to get out and find piece you can fish try big attractor patterns with a stone fly or a san juan dropper.  No defined hatches yet, but a well-placed attractor can garner some attention from opportunistic fish.

Don’t let run off bring you down!  The Upper Arkansas Headwaters maintains fishabe clarity throughout most of run off.  Let Colorado Fly Fishing Guides show you effective high water techniques so you can keep your lines tight until the lower elevation rivers clear up!

The Arkansas River was named as a favorite trout fishing destination in Colorado! Photo: Leadville Today.

The Arkansas River was named as a favorite trout fishing destination in Colorado! Photo: Leadville Today.




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