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TV Show Casting Call – Renovate Your Cabin!

Are you in the market for a rustic cabin that might need a little work? Have you been scouting around Lake County for that perfect second home or vacation getaway?

Could "Rustic Reno" be Lake County Realtors' Dream-Come-True!?

Could “Rustic Reno” be a Dream-Come-True for the Lake County Real Estate market!? Stay Tuned!

Well, then listen up because here’s your chance to be a part of Rustic Renos, a new reality TV show where buyers get some help to “reno (renovate)” their cabin, give it a beautiful new look or restore it to its former glory!

Leadville Today first saw the “casting call” on the social media feeds, as TV producers were scouting for people from Eagle, Summit, Grand, Routt, Pitkin and Garfield Counties.

A quick call to Casting Director, Dave Virgo of Tri Con Films, out of Canada, resulted in adding Lake County to the list. After all, finding a cabin in need of “reno” is more likely to occur in Lake, than say, Pitkin County, isn’t it?

“At this stage,” said Virgo in a phone interview, “We are trying to make a pilot for the TV show. So, we are trying to find people who are in the market, and ready to buy a cabin.”

Mountains - Check! Cabins - Check! Star Power - Check?

Mountains – Check!    Cabins – Check!      Star Power – Time will tell, call today!

The conclusion, explained Virgo, would be the buyer purchasing the cabin, including a budget for fixing things up, which would then be matched by the Rustic Renos‘ producers, in addition to a team of experts to help with the “reno.”

Of course, TV networks always like to see young, active families, enthusiastic about helping to create their dream cabin. And there certainly seems to be more and more of those in Lake County. So if you fall into that category, and have been thinking about purchasing a cabin, why not give it a shot. But do it soon, as the producers anticipate being on the ground next month (September), meeting with possible cast members and scouting for cabins!

Here are the specifics from the casting call:Tricon-Logo

RUSTIC RENOS A new Cabin/Cottage Renovation TV Show is casting! TV production company is looking for cabin/cottage buyers in Colorado for a new TV renovation show. If you have a family and are aged between 25 to 50 and are about to purchase a cabin and/or renovate your own cabin, we want to hear from you. Requirements are that you must have a budget to renovate and intend to buy your cabin or cottage within Lake, Eagle, Summit, Grand, Routt, Pitkin and Garfield County. We’ll reno your cabin or cottage, give it a beautiful look and restore it to its glory! If this is of interest to you get in touch now! Email Irada Seli at

Or hey, just call Casting Director Dave Virgo directly at 416-341-9926.Obit_Spacer_Thin

Lake County Gets $400K from EPA to Clean Up 

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Lake County, CO a $400K Brownfields assessment grant to assess, clean up and redevelop contaminated properties in targeted redevelopment areas in Leadville and the county. 

Historic Harrison Avenue will be one of the sites where an environmental assessment will be conducted with the EPA Brownfields funds.

Historic Harrison Avenue will be one of the sites where an environmental assessment will be conducted with the EPA Brownfields funds.

The EPA Brownfields funds will be used by Lake County to conduct more than a dozen environmental site assessments in downtown Leadville, along the U.S. 24 highway corridor, the Lake County Airport and Business Park, and in a redevelopment area along County Road 36. Grant funds also will be used to inventory brownfields properties throughout the county and to conduct community outreach activities. The assessments will focus on sites with potential contaminants associated with hazardous wastes and petroleum compounds. 

Lake County is among 171 communities nationwide receiving 264 grants totaling $67 million in brownfields funding to clean and redevelop contaminated properties, boost local economies and leverage jobs while protecting public health and the environment. EPA_logoThe 2014 Brownfields Assessment, Revolving Loan Fund, and Cleanup (ARC) grants will give communities and businesses a chance to return economic stability to under-served and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods through the assessment and clean-up of abandoned industrial and commercial properties, places where environmental cleanups and new jobs are most needed. 

“EPA Brownfields funds continue to help Colorado communities get blighted and contaminated sites back into productive use,” said Shaun McGrath, EPA’s regional administrator in Denver. “These projects will create new community assets and leverage investments that create jobs and opportunities.” 

Since the inception of the EPA’s Brownfields program in 1995, cumulative brownfield program investments have leveraged more than $21 billion from a variety of public and private sources for cleanup and redevelopment activities. This equates to an average of $17.79 leveraged per EPA brownfield dollar expended.

These investments have resulted in approximately 93,000 jobs nationwide. These projects demonstrate the positive impact a small investment of federal brownfields funding can have on community revitalization through leveraging jobs, producing clean energy, and providing recreation opportunities for surrounding neighborhoods. EPA’s Brownfields Program empowers states, communities, and other stakeholders to work together to prevent, assess, safely clean up, and sustainably reuse brownfields sites. 

Fishing Report: Still Plenty of Summer Catches to Come!

Here’s the local fishing report brought to you by Tim Hill of Colorado Fly Fishing Guides, located in downtown Leadville.

Upper Arkansas River (Between Leadville and Buena Vista)

Photo: CO Fly Fishing Guides.

Photo: CO Fly Fishing Guides.

The Upper Arkansas River Habitat Enhancement Project will continue through Sept.  The project greatly affects clarity from above Kobe to the Lake Creek confluence during the week.  There is also restoration going on the Lake Fork which can produce “waves” of staining of the water in the Reddy and State Trust Land upstream of the HWY 24 overpass during the week.  These sections are best fished early in the day or on weekends.  Fishing from Granite to Buena Vista remains unaffected by the project and is fishing well.  PMD and quills are still present, but waning.  The late season caddis hatch is prevalent as well as yellow sally stoneflies.  Dry/dry or dry/dropper rigs are still taking lots of fish, but nymphing should be considered when the dry action is slow. 







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