Latest News – October 18

Animal Planet to Film in Leadville Next Month

Calling all pet owners! This is your chance to have your ailing critter seen at a FREE veterinary clinic in Leadville AND become an Animal Planet TV sensation!

Your up your ailing ass and sign up for the FREE Vet Clinic with Animal Planet in Leadville Nov. 5.

Round up your ailing ass & sign up for the FREE Clinic with Animal Planet on Nov. 5.

Leadville Today received a call from Emmy Award-Winning Producer Madeleine Pollak regarding an upcoming Animal Planet Primetime TV series. So, on Wednesday, Nov. 5 there will be a mobile veterinary clinic in Leadville, offering FREE animal check-ups. Animal services/surgeries will also be offered at a reduced rate.

Veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Young, one of Colorado’s premier Vets will be traveling to Leadville to offer the animal clinic and all visits will be filmed for the Animal Planet Primetime TV series.

Animal Planet“We are hoping to find some alpacas, goats, cows, donkeys, reptiles, birds, that have some kind of ailment,” explained Pollak. However, they will accept all kinds of animal and be scheduling appointments based on an animal’s needs.

So, if you’re interested in signing up, here’s what you need to do. Email Madeleine Pollak at with the following information:

  • What kind of animal
  • What kind of ailment/illness/issue they are having – be as specific as you can
  • Age of your animal
  • Your email and phone number
  • Please include in the subject line what type of animal you have.

For more information about Pollak Productions, Inc. visit their website:


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