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Bobbie, Her Bike, and a Buck: A Fundraising Benefit

“I must have had angels with me,” said Bobbie Adams just a day after she was released from the hospital in Salida. “Because I don’t know anyone else who has hit a deer (on a motorcycle) going 65-miles-per-hour and survived.”Bobbie_Benefit


So to celebrate that miracle, and raise some money to help with medical costs, there will be a Benefit Poker Crawl on Adams’ behalf in Leadville tomorrow Saturday, Nov. 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Bobbie’s motorcycle buddies from around the region will start the benefit at the Pastime Saloon at 120 W. 2nd Street in Leadville. Folks can pick up poker hands at $5 apiece. The basic concept is to buy a number of hands, drawing a card at each establishment, until all five cards have been drawn and the best poker hand at the end, wins. The second stop on the crawl will be at the Tennessee Pass Café at 222 Harrison Avenue, then head north to The Legendary Silver Dollar Saloon, The Scarlet, and finally The Manhattan Bar at the corner of 7th & Harrison. There’s some great prizes and giveaways for participants. Proceeds will go to Bobbie.

As some readers may know, Leadville native Bobbie Adams was in a motorcycle accident with a buck on November 6 on Highway 285 south. Now on the mend and back home, Leadville Today caught up with Bobbie and heard her tale first hand.

The Manhattan Bar will be the last poker stop for tomorrow's benefit.

The Manhattan Bar will be the last poker stop for tomorrow’s benefit.

It was a beautiful fall day about high noon as Adams and another motorcycle-riding buddy were on a little ride down south on November 6.

Then, right by that old restaurant that’s been closed for years, between Nathrop and Salida, a buck ran onto the highway right in front of Adams’ motorcycle. She hit the buck dead center, on its side. The animal then swung around to the left side of her bike, smashing up against her leg and shattering it to pieces.

Reports state that the buck, Bobbie and her bike went sliding together, all tangled up, for about 125 feet, then  separated, forcing Adams out on her own. From here, she then slid on the seat of her pants for the entire length of a football field, finally tumbling only the last 20 feet! What?!

“I know, I’ve thought about it over and over again and it’s a miracle that I even survived,” said Adams.

But Bobbie has always been a survivor. In fact, for many, she’s one of the most unique, red-headed sassy Leadville entrepreneurs you could ever know. Who can forget Bobbies Bikini Weenie Wagon which sat at the junction of Highway 24 and Highway 82 from 1998-99, forcing travelers to put on their brakes as the spotted the bikini-clad hot dog vendor.

Bobbie's Bar - Back in the Day! Good Times! Good Tunes!

Bobbie’s Bar – Back in the Day! Good Times! Good Tunes!

And then there was Bobbie’s Bar, located in the basement of the MacGregor Building (old movie theater), a rowdy locals’ favorite and queen of the live music scene for many years.

Of course, many have seen the flamboyant red-headed beauty riding her motorcycle down the highway; Bobbie loves to ride. Born and raised in Leadville, Adams was raised like many other mountain girls with a great love of the outdoors and a natural athlete, whether it’s taking to the slopes, jumping on her bike, or hunting in the hills.

In fact, once Adams got her wits about her at the scene of the accident, she told the EMTs: “I want that damn deer, I want his meat in my freezer, I want his head mounted on my wall.”

The deer actually busted apart into five different pieces when it finally came to rest. So if anyone from Colorado State Patrol knows where those parts go, do tell. It would make a nice mounted conversation piece! But truth be told, it’s probably not the first buck who lost his head over Bobbie!

Adams does have a long road to recovery ahead. There’s the broken wrist and slight facial abrasions incurred during that last part of her tumble. But that left leg suffered the most, with over thirty broken bones, now pinned back together after 5 different procedures.

Fortunately, Adams did not sustain any head injuries when, by choice (Colorado State Law does not require motorcycle riders to wear helmets) she was not wearing protective head gear.

 “It was my ass that actually saved my life,” jokes Adams.

Adams has started physical therapy and home health care, but it will be two months before she will be able to put any weight on her leg, and ultimately 4 – 6 months until she is standing and walking.

To that end, Bobbie will not be attending the Poker Benefit Crawl tomorrow. But no doubt, there will be pictures and stories to share from the day. Heal up fast Bobbie, spring riding is just around the corner! Vroom!

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