Latest News – November 30

Restorative Justice Option Available in Lake County

Sharletta Evans lost three year old son in a drive by shooting in 1995. She later met in prison with the man who pulled the trigger.  Evans will tell the story of her journey of grief and forgiveness, and the power of the Restorative Justice process to provide healing for the victims, offenders and the community. Evans organizes anti-gang programs, advocates for judicial reform in Colorado and across the country, and is featured in the documentary film reads Lost For Life, about juveniles serving life in prison.


Come, hear Shareltta Evans’ story in person this Tuesday, Dec. 2. 

In addition, Colorado State Representatives Pete Lee and Millie Hamner will discuss Restorative Justice in Colorado.  Attendees may also learn more about programs available in Lake County and how you can be involved.

The program will be held at 6 p.m. at the Colorado Mountain College, Climax Building Gym.  Light food and beverages will be provided.  This event is free and everyone is welcome.  In addition, Spanish and to petition will be provided.

Restorative JusticeThis program is sponsored by Full Circle of Lake County which now offers Restorative Justice services.  For additional information about this and other services, contact Full Circle at (719) 486-2400, visit their office at 109 West 5th St, or log onto their website

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