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A Midnight New Year’s Toast in Leadville for Cosmos!

Have you heard the news about Leadville’s beloved Cosmos? Yep, that one: the Divine Living God Cosmos.

A midnight toast for Cosmos.

A midnight toast for Cosmos.

Well, it’s time to provide an update concerning one of the high country’s spiritual guides. For readers who may not have heard, Cosmos broke his hip after falling off a ramp on the side of his home. The accident happened a week before Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, someone heard the cries for help from his iconic house, located in downtown Leadville, between City Hall and the Fire House.  The injury did require hospitalization. However, in true Cosmos form, he has opted to heal himself, declining any surgical efforts. Last week, he was transferred to the Bear Creek Car and Rehabilitation Center in Morrison, CO.

Leadville Today spoke to one of Cosmos friends and colleagues Lisa Giroux of Leadville to see how he is doing.   

“Wonderfully well,” was how Giroux described Cosmos’ condition, adding that he is not at all “bitter, angry or grumpy.”  In fact, he has spent his days in meditation for the healing of his hip. His peace of mind is quite amazing, when you consider what he’s been through, explained Giroux.

It’ll be another five weeks until he can do any rehabilitation work on his hip. At this point, Cosmos is doing occupational therapy, to keep his upper body strong.  Once his hip is able to bear any weight, he will transition into rehab and they are hopeful that he’ll be able to walk again. Everyone is hopeful that Cosmos will return to Leadville in the spring. 

So why not help his progress along a bit? You can, if you believe you can. Consider the following. It’s an act that most likely ALL of us can agree to do. Just a few minutes before midnight – you know, that time when everyone is coming together, before the big countdown to midnight.

 Just a few minutes before the New Year starts, raise up your glass, raise up your hands, your prayer, your meditation, your healing energy, your love and light: To the Divine Living God Cosmos!  And then, be still for a few moments. Just think of him and knitting that hip bone back together. No doubt, he’ll feel that love coming from The Magic City!

If you would also like to reach out to him personally, you can do it the old-school way. Write to him at: Artin “Cosmos” Panosyan, Bear Creek Car and Rehabilitation Center, 150 Spring Street, Room 107, Morrison, CO. 80465.

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