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Quorum Out, Centura In, as Hospital Moves Forward

Effective today, January 31, Quorum Health Resources has been released by the St. Vincent Hospital Board as the hospital’s managers. The Board approved the resolution terminating Quorum during their regular board meeting on January 29.SVH_Sign_LeadvilleToday 

According to SVH Board Secretary Dennis Johnson, Centura Health will be the new manager of St. Vincent Hospital, effective tomorrow, February 1.  Both companies have been formally notified of the decision.   

As part of the transition, SVH CEO Joyce Beck and CFO Ric Eisenring will stay on at the hospital for 1 or 2 weeks to assist in the transition. Centura was contracted with Sam Radke, who will serve as interim hospital administrator for 4 months.  Radke has over 30 years experience in the health care industry.  He worked for a short time at St. Vincent about 10 years ago.

Sam Radke, Interim SVH CEO

Sam Radke, Interim SVH CEO

 “People at Centura have great confidence in Sam based on their experience with him in the past,” stated Johnson.  Should Radke choose to be considered for a permanent position, the hospital board will provide the community an opportunity to meet Radke as part of the process for selecting a permanent administrator.  

“I am pleased to report that Quorum, Joyce, and Ric are being very helpful in this transition, as we knew they would,” added Johnson.

Moving forward, Centura will manage the hospital at no charge for the first 4 months.  Then the hospital will pay a discounted fee for the next 2 months.  During this time, it is anticipated there will be extensive analysis by Centura, St. Vincent, and other interested parties to determine the need for and feasibility of providing health care services in Lake County.   Ultimately, the hospital board hopes to have agreements in place for long term health care services by June or July.  After that, construction and/or renovation of facilities will begin.Obit_Spacer_Thin  Stay tuned to Leadville Today for future updates.

9 Health Fair Scheduled for April 11, Needs Volunteers

Leadville’s 9 Health Fair has been scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2015. The fair will be held at the Lake County Intermediate School from 7 a.m. – Noon. Not much has changed with the Leadville health fair which serves 400 -500 people every year.

Hundreds of Leadville and Lake County residents take advantage of the low and no-cost health screenings at the 9Health Fair schedule for April 11, 2015.

Hundreds of Leadville and Lake County residents take advantage of the low and no-cost health screenings at the 9Health Fair schedule this year for April 11, 2015.

A full list of health screenings will be announced in the near future, however attendees may notice that some of the screening costs have increased by $5, the first increase in over 15 years.

The fair is also looking for volunteers. So here’s your opportunity to show how much rural healthcare means to remote communities like Leadville and Lake County. It doesn’t take much time, or all day even. There are shorter volunteer shifts and many of them DO NOT involve medical knowledge not interaction (i.e. you won’t have to take someone’s blood!) If you are able to give some time to this worthy cause, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Connie Yant via email at or join the next meeting this Tuesday, Feb. 3 at Noon at the Mountain View Presbyterian Church at in the community room, located in the back cabin at W 3rd & McWethy Drive.Obit_Spacer_Thin

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