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Westword’s Best of Denver . . . is in Leadville!

Seems like there’s an endless list of “Lists.” Whether it’s the “Top Ten Unknown, Hidden Places You’ve Never, Ever Heard of Before Now,” or the over-the-top “Places you’d never take your mother travel destinations,” you’ve probably seen tons of these subject lines stacked up in your in-box. Westword_Best_2015They are the not-so-latest  attempts to get your attention. But if “your hometown/place where you live” is included on the list, then it usually works, pulling the reader in: hook, line and sinker.

To that end, Leadville Today took the bait on Westword’s recently announced “Best of Denver” list, which included Lake County’s Huck Finn Skate Park as the BEST NEW SKATE PARK (2015). Well that’s some good press for the Leadville recreation facility, which has been seeing a lot of “pre-season” (translation: it could still snow) use, due to warmer temperatures and sunshine.

So definitely, come up and see this impressive new skate park. If you’re not familiar with the Huck Finn Skate Park Project, here’s a Leadville Today story from the archives.
Leadville Today Video History of Huck Finn Skate Park


One more thing . . . while it’s great to see Leadville make another “positive” list, it makes you wonder what other “Best of Denver” awards Leadville could earn. Since Westword seems to have altered the geographical perimeters to include the Lake County skate park., maybe the Denver weekly alternative magazine would consider other local nominations. Maybe the Mineral Belt Trail in its “best bicycle trail around the city” category. Or perhaps the “best phone booth within the city limits” contest could see some votes tallied for the one-of-a-kind historic beauty that still operates in the historic Silver Dollar Saloon on Harrison Avenue in downtown Leadville.

Could it be that the “Best of Denver” is in Leadville!? Regardless, come up anytime, and you can see the “Best of Leadville” for your self!


Obit_Spacer_ThinLast Race in Series: Take an Epic Spin on The East Side!

The Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series will wrap up their race season next Saturday, April 18 with the popular East Side Epic, a tour of Leadville’s historic Mining District. Registration and check-in opens at 8 a.m. at Cycles of Life, 309 Harrison Ave. in downtown Leadville.

The East Side Epic on April 18 is the final race in the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Race Series. Photo: Cloud City Wheelers.

The East Side Epic on April 18 is the fourth and final race in the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Race Series. Photo: Cloud City Wheelers.

After registration, cyclists head up to the top of (700) East 8th Street for the race start at 10 a.m. The course is 14.58 miles long and covers amazing terrain, through Leadville’s historic mining ditrsict.

This time of year, course conditions can be a mix, but with the warmer spring temperatures and a fast-melting snow pack, racers are likely to encounter more mud than snow in two weeks time, making for another EPIC race! For a map of the East Side Epic race course: CLICK. 

The races always end with plenty of tasty food and beverages, laughter and dang good times. Come on up and take on the East Side Epic!

wheelers_smallThe Cloud City Wheelers, who host the entire Winter Mountain Bike Race Series are a Leadville club dedicated to providing bicycle activities to promote individual health and recreation. The Wheelers also support education and advocacy to help promote a more bicycle friendly environment and a more livable community for members, bicyclists, and the community at-large.Obit_Spacer_Thin

Colorado Ski Country Award to Ski Cooper Groomer

Last week, the Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) recognized the unsung heroes of the Colorado ski industry through the Snowmaker, Slope Groomer, and Terrain Master of the Year awards held at a banquet April 9 in Grand Junction, CO. Ski Cooper employee and Groomer of the Year – Patrick Torsell was among the recipients.

Groomer of the Year - Ski Cooper's Patrick Torsell

Groomer of the Year – Ski Cooper’s Patrick Torsell

Torsell started as a groomer in his first season at Ski Cooper and was promoted to Grooming and Trail Maintenance Supervisor last summer. He also serves as Ski Cooper’s Director of Information Technology. While at Ski Cooper, Torsell has vastly improved Cooper’s terrain park quality and offerings. In addition, last season he introduced snowcat-built moguls for training and mogul clinics and has been instrumental in reducing the amount of nightly acreage per operator to allow greater attention to detail and higher quality snow surface.

“Patrick has been a positive influence upon Cooper’s groomers by demonstrating his leadership qualities and improving our area’s standards pursuant to his education and experience”, said Tim Kerrigan, Vice-President of Mountain Operations for Ski Cooper. “Patrick continually strives to improve his skills. He has helped raise the standards for fellow employees at the mountain and has had a positive influence in enhancing the quality of our guest’s experience. Patrick wears several hats at Cooper, but grooming excellence is his passion.”

So thanks to the snowmakers, groomers, and terrain masters are hard at work delivering the consistent snow surfaces and thrilling terrain parks guests at ski areas and resorts have come to expect. They do more before skiers and snowboarders even wake up . . . . thank you!



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