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 Cosmos: One Step Closer To Home at 10,200 Feet

Yes, it’s true, there have been sightings of Leadville’s beloved Cosmos. Yep, that one: the Divine Living God Cosmos.

And while he is not expected to return to his Leadville home until sometime in May, sightings of Artin “Cosmos” Panosyan, started making the rounds locally about a month ago, especially from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs soakers.

The "Divine Living God,Cosmos," in the living waters at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

The “Divine Living God,Cosmos,” in the “living” hot spring waters near Buena Vista.

“Hey, I saw Cosmos down at the hot springs in BV the other day,” was being reported again and again. So, Leadville Today did the tough re-con work and headed south to see if there was any truth to these Comsos conections.

For readers who may not have heard, Cosmos broke his hip after falling off a ramp on the side of his home. The accident happened a week before Thanksgiving. But first, for those readers who may not be familiar with the back story of Cosmos’ recent accident, here’s the LINK.

May Day meditation  for Cosmos.

May Day meditation for Cosmos.

It was hard to miss one of the high country’s spiritual guides, even from far away. The one-and-only Cosmos was perched on steps of the “hot” soaking pool, one hand up in the air, which was decorated with the colored wrist bands needed to gain entry into the popular soaking mecca. So he had been coming to soak regularly. Good, he was continuing to heal.

Cosmos relayed that he has been down in Buena Vista, “for a while, man,” staying with his friend Wink, who brings him there daily to soak in the healing mineral waters. He’s seen all kinds of Leadville people, asking when he’ll be coming home.

Sounds like Cosmos’ homecoming will happen sometime in May, maybe the middle of the month. So, take care and continue to heal up, friend. Leadville will be waiting to see your smiling face and peaceful spirit sitting on the front porch of the “House of the Living God Cosmos!”

So why not help his progress along a bit? You can, if you believe you can. Consider the following. For just a few minutes on May Day, 5/1/15 take a few minutes, raise up your hands, your prayer, your meditation, your healing energy, your love and light: To Cosmos!  Let’s bring him home to The Magic City!

Home Sweet Home! The House of the Divine Living God Cosmos should see the return of its owner sometime mid-May.

Home Sweet Home! The House of the Divine Living God Cosmos should see the return of its owner sometime mid-May.


Friends of the Leadville Fish Hatchery Meet Sunday

The next board meeting for the Friends of the Leadville National Fish Hatchery (FLNFH)  is scheduled for Sunday, April 26 at 1 p.m. They will meet at the hatchery office. All members of FLNFH are invited to attend board meetings. The group will be discussing new projects and events. For more information, visit their website.

Friends of the Leadville National Fish Hatchery meet tomorrow! Become a member!

Friends of the Leadville National Fish Hatchery meet Sunday! Become a member!


Light Up Hope for Local At-Risk Youth

A non-profit Lake County organization called DREAM is selling candles to raise money for educational and outdoor scholarships for at-risk children.heap of spa candles close-up

According to Leadville local and DREAM representative Lisa Galletti, these all natural, essential oil soy candles are handmade in Colorado.  The candles are being sold at City on a Hill Coffee with 100% of proceeds donated to DREAM Lake County, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, not affiliated with: Dream Project, the 21st  CC Learning Center Program. Sounds like the perfect gift for Mom, dad and grad!


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