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Food Drive Kicks Off  October 1, Challenge Issued

The local food banks are low, real low. And it’s time Leadville and Lake County does something about it. So Leadville Today is issuing a challenge as the Neighbors to Neighbors Food Drive (details below) gets underway October 1. Food Drive_Ad_2015During the month of October, instead of having food, drink, refreshments at your meeting or gathering, donate to the cause, write a check to help your neighbor in need.

In recent years, as Leadville Today has reported the results from Mabel Bogeart’s efforts to replenish local food reserves every October, it’s always a bit disconcerting. Lake County can do much better; especially when measured against the excessive amount of food that seems to now be a part of every public meeting, leading to leftovers that – truth be told – don’t always make it to the community meal program.

It’s time to do something about it. So let’s get beyond the rhetoric of “helping out our neighbors” and get down to the results. Your challenge is to organize an event to help the Neighbors to Neighbors Food Drive. Or, instead of ordering the food for that next gathering, donate to the local food banks instead. It’s time for a reality check, Leadville, as the gap between the haves and have-nots becomes increasingly wider in this mountain community. The choice is yours. Here’s the low-down on how you can help.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive

Do you have any plans to go shopping this week? Most folks always need to pick something up, so if your weekly chores include a trip to the grocery store, be sure to pick up something extra for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive.

Now in its 9th year, the food drive will be Oct.1 – Nov. 1 and benefits the food banks at the Lake County Senior Center, St. George’s Church, First Presbyterian Church of Leadville, and Holy Family Parish.

The October Food Drive Challenge is to donate to Neighbors to Neighbors Food Drive instead of ordering up one more veggie tray.

The October Food Drive Challenge is to donate to Neighbors to Neighbors Food Drive instead of ordering up one more veggie tray.


Food drop-off locations are at Safeway,  Saturday’s Discount, ShopKo,  and Pueblo Bank and Trust. For those who wish to contribute financially, money donation jars are located at: Peoples Bank, 1st Mountain Bank, Pueblo Bank and Trust, Kum and Go on Mountain View Drive, and Saturday’s Discount.                      

“Remember, what you give, comes back to you, ” says organizer Mabel Bogeart.  And as the holiday season approaches, so does the giving season. Bogeart said that the reason she started the food drive years ago was because she noticed that youth organizations who used to require kids to provide community service through food drives, were no longer collecting donations.

“In recent years when everyone was losing their jobs, there was a big hit to Leadville’s food banks. Nothing was coming in and everything was going out,” explained Bogeart.  So she took it upon herself, with some help from various community members over the years, to make sure that the food banks remain stocked. 

“As long as I am physically fit, I will continue to do this!” adds Bogeart. So help keep Mabel in good shape this October by lifting boxes and boxes of food in and out of her car! Give back – it feels good!

Those interested in donating directly, may also contact Mabel Bogeart directly at or 719-486-0259.

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