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Summit Stage Bus Expands Service in Lake County

The holiday season is officially underway with Thanksgiving week. And if you’ve got travel plans, particularly down to Denver International Airport (DIA) or perhaps anticipate a visiting relative or friend flying into DIA, there’s good news: your transportation options just expanded.Summit-Stage

Beginning today, November 22, The Summit Stage’s Lake County Link will be running a morning, midday, afternoon and evening service. The additional service will allow Lake County residents to make connections with the Bustang, the new Interregional Express Bus service from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).  The Lake County Link’s expanded schedule, which includes a late evening run, could help commuters and travelers complete that last leg of the journey back home, connecting at the Frisco Transfer Center.

“We’re almost tripling service to Lake County,” stated Len Wise, Operations Manager for The Summit Stage in an interview with Leadville Today. The new schedule will run daily, year-round.

The Lake County Link provides commuter transit services between the Frisco Transfer Center and various stops in Lake County and the City of Leadville.   This is NOT a free service.  Prices for Lake County Link range in price from a onetime, one way fare of $5, to punch passes costing between $35 (10 punch) to $60 (20 punch). In addition, the bus system offers discounted rates for seniors (60+), middle and high school students (proper ID required), as well as disabled riders.

Summit Stage's Lake County Link expands service starting today, November 22

Summit Stage’s Lake County Link expands service starting today, November 22

Part of the change in service is compliments of an additional CDOT grant which Lake County officials secured to allow for a the later evening trip. That change prompted a organizational shuffle for Summit Stage which reduced the need for the three buses that formerly provided the service to Lake County, downsizing now to only one bus which will do back and forth runs to Leadville and Lake County, according to Wise.  While commuters will appreciate the additional runs, clearly the caveat to the new services would be any mechanical issues that the dedicated Leadville bus would have.

Started in 2010, The Summit Stage’s Lake County Link is financed by a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation, which is matched by Lake County. In addition, some of the operational costs are offset by rider fares.

For schedule and routes: LINK. You may also visit The Summit Stage website or call (970) 668-0999.

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