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Take A Hike – Forest Service Hiring Summer Positions

Even as winter sets in for its 6 month visit, thoughts of summer are never far off. And if you’re wondering what you might be doing come next May, then consider a job with the U.S. Forest Service. US_ForestServiceThe Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S. Forest Service announced on November 16 that it will be advertising more than 600 temporary positions throughout the region’s national forests and grasslands starting January 7, 2016. Temporary positions are available in a variety of occupations such as fire, trails, forestry, engineering, wildlife, recreation, fisheries, archeology and administrative support.

“Temporary employees perform crucial work and serve a diverse group of users during the peak summer months,” said Regional Forester Daniel J. Jirón. “We are looking for employees with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds,” added Jiron.

Job seekers can apply for temporary jobs during these time frames:

  • January 7-14, 2016, for wildland fire positions and other early season, non-fire temporary positions.
  • Early February 2016 for most non-fire temporary positions in recreation, fisheries, forestry, engineering, etc.
  • Early March 2016 for remaining positions. 

Job opportunities are available online at: LINK. Interested applicants will need to apply through USAJOBS. National Forest Service job opportunities can be found online at: LINK. The Rocky Mountain Region is comprised of 17 national forests and seven national grasslands, located in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.    Spac_50  

Eagle-Holy Cross District Transitions to Winter Use

The following information was released by the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District on Monday, Nov. 30. Although it is not specific to Leadville/Lake County, Leadville Today thought it would be useful information to readers who access this area during the winter.

It's time to switch from 4-wheeling to snowmobiling on forest service roads.

It’s “winter use” time to switch from 4-wheeling to snowmobiling on forest service roads.

The district converted the Forest road system from wheeled use to winter use on Monday, November 23rd. A number of gates were closed for the winter and “Over the Snow Vehicle Only” restrictions went up.

Many roads are groomed by partners for snowmobiling; those gates will re-open when the partners begin grooming operations. The District manages three roads for wheeled access to the snowline during the winter months (we call these fluctuating snowline roads). They include Coffee Pot Road (#600), Hardscrabble Road (#413) south of Eagle, and Muddy Pass Road (#700) from Wolcott. Snowmobilers can drive their trucks/trailers to snowline and offload their machines rather than riding on bare ground for an extended portion of a dry road. It’s important to note that this exception does not allow for wheeled vehicle use past the snowline. Deputy District Ranger Aaron Mayville said “with winter now upon us, we want to preserve the snowpack for the snowmobiler and non-motorized winter user. Thank you for following the Winter Motor Vehicle Use Map, and have a safe winter enjoying your National Forests.”

Additionally, Berry Creek Road (#774) to June Creek Road (#717) offers winter motorized access to the Red & White area, north of I-70. This area is winter range habitat for mule deer and elk, and it is important that snowmobile use does not displace and harm these wildlife populations. Recently, we have had reports of illegal snowmobile use from Mountain Star, Wildwood, Wildridge, and Singletree into the Red & White area. “Within the past couple weeks, the gate on the Metcalf Road has been vandalized, and the fence torn down,” said Mayville, “please keep snowmobiles on open designated routes, and give us a call at our office before destroying property out of frustration.”

Motorized users are responsible knowing where they can and can’t take a motorized vehicle. Please refer to the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) available free at the District office in Minturn or online at: LINK

For more information about the Eagle-Holy Cross MVUM, or road conditions, contact the Eagle-Holy Cross Office at 970-827-5715, or stop by during business hours M-F 8-12:30 1:30-4:30.




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