Latest News – February 25

Lake County Landfill Fees Set to Increase in April 

For Lake County residents, the price to dispose of a cubic yard of trash at the Lake County Landfill will go up from $10 to $15 on April 4, 2016. For the commercial haulers, prices will also go up from $20 to $30 for a cubic yard of compacted trash. Prices for non-residents will continue to be approximately triple that of in-county residents. All other fees will remain the same including disposal fees for e-recycling, refrigerators, appliances, slash/yard clippings, concrete blocks, oil recycling, antifreeze, and vehicle batteries.

The view from America's Highest Landfill is worth the trip alone! But the cost of admission is going up come April 1, 2016!

The view from America’s Highest Landfill in Leadville, Colorado is worth the trip alone! But the cost of admission is going up on April 4, 2016! Photo: Leadville Today

“The new fees are a better reflection of the actual cost of running the landfill,” says Michael Irwin, Lake County Landfill Manager. 

Recycling is still free at the Lake County Landfill and Recycling Center and at the two Lake County Drop Sites located at the Lake County Community Park and seven miles south of town on County Road 10 across from the solar farm. Both Lake County Drop Sites accept Pre-Paid Lake County Trash Bags in specially marked dumpsters. Pre-Paid Lake County Trash Bags can be purchased for $5 at Big Horn True Value, Saturdays Discount, the Courthouse and the Cloud City Conservation Center office in the post office building.

Increasing tipping fees shifts the costs of running the landfill to those that use it, instead of being dispersed among tax-payers. Landfill operations have been subsidized annually from the Lake County General Fund for the last five years. 

Lake County continues to budget and plan for the closure of its current landfill and construction of a new landfill. The new pricing structure may also encourage people to find ways to throw less away, including options such as recycling and composting. 

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