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National Pet Day Celebrates Furry Friends in Leadville

by Brennan Ruegg, Leadville Today contributor

National Pet Day is tomorrow, April 11! And in Leadville, where a large population of dogs, cats, skunks, and lizards live happily in unison, the day will be widely celebrated.


Kit Kat, sweet, handsome, & friendly, is up for adoption. Photo: Leadville/Lake County Animal Shelter

Big ways to commemorate the day might include the adoption of a new pet or donating to the Leadville/Lake County Animal Shelter (LLCAS), which has been rescuing homeless animals and reuniting lost pets with their owners for years in Leadville. LLCAS’s friendly volunteers and staff are dedicated to placing underserved animals into the loving arms of a forever home in Leadville.

It’s no news that the best and most ethical way to get a new pet is to locally adopt. Homeless and unwanted animals, victims of neglectful care, are in surplus in America; they are often tender-hearted and wiser than animals corporately bred.

It’s facilities like the Leadville shelter that see to the stewardship of these animals, and offer adoption at low cost to finely evaluated and approved adopters.

“Just visiting the animals and taking them on walks makes a huge difference,” suggests Debbie Ruma, manager of the local animal shelter. So, if adoption is off the table, you can still make a difference with your time, love and attention.


The Leadville/Lake County Animal Shelter at 428 E. 12th St. Photo: Leadville/Lake County Animal Shelter

LLCAS is a small city/county operated facility, that relies on support of the community for continued operation. So please consider a  donation on  National Pet Day April 11! They are always looking for canned food for dogs and cats.

The animal shelter is located at 428 E. 12th Street, adjacent to the Mineral Belt Trail access point – perfect start for a walk! Hours: open 7 days a week from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Contact by phone: (719) 486-8951, or e-mail: For more information including a listing of current adoptable pets click here or visit their Facebook page.

Smaller ways to celebrate National Pet Day might include treating Fido and Patsy to a field trip into Lake County’s expanse of public land, or perhaps getting a grooming at Cold Nose, Warm Heart, located at 329 US Hwy 24.

And no doubt there will be plenty of play dates waiting at the new Leadville Dog Park next to Huck Finn Skate Park on W. 5th St. So celebrate National Pet Day on April 11. Be sure to set up a basket of bones, catnip or crickets, if that’s your thing. Then thank the animal kingdom for its domestic benefits!

Brennan Ruegg is the proud friend of a pet named Mamba.

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